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Write the world   genre change up prompt

Genre Change-Up

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Dear writers, we have an extra challenge for you with this prompt, in two steps:
  1. Select a favorite poem that you have written (or write a new one).
  2. Turn this poem into a scene from a play.
Your scene need not include actual lines from your poem (though it could), but may instead serve as a foundation, idea, or seed of inspiration.
As you bend one genre into another, here are some formatting tips. Remember, in writing a scene, you aren't telling a story on paper, but through the movement and dialogue of real people on the stage. Be sure to include information that tells the reader (and actors) the setting of the scene, who is speaking, who the characters are, and any movements or gestures that take place:
  • Use parentheses to set off stage directions—the information you are conveying to the readers and actors that the audience will then see on stage. 
  • At the beginning of the scene, provide stage directions in present tense that communicate the setting and the situation. Example: (It's 9 pm at the playground. Charlotte and Caleb are arguing as it starts to rain.) 
  • Whenever a new character enters the play, provide a 1-2 line description. Example: (In the dugout, Charlotte and Caleb find Marco, a middle-aged man—dressed in a suit—who's also seeking shelter from the rain.)  
  • Each line of dialogue should have the speaker's NAME in capital letters at the beginning of the line. This is also how you indicate when a narrator is speaking. 
* The original idea for this prompt came from Catlover. Want to craft your own prompt idea for the Poets and Wordsmiths group? Please do so here.