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On the Last Day of the World

By: Tatihanna101

On the last day of the world, I would lie on the grass basking in the gloriously warm sun. I would be on a yoga mat, in my favourite shorts and tee-shirt and thongs. I would have sunscreen on even through I know I'll never die of skin cancer. I would wear the biggest straw hat there is out there and the most extravagant sunglasses the world has ever come to know. I would have my favourite book with me and perhaps a book of poetry and my love of my life would be lying next to me as we alternated reading to each other. 

When I was hungry, I would go inside and make a deliciously healthy lunch. I would eat fruits and make an amazing chicken salad sandwich with the best home made bread in the world. And while we are making them, the love of my life would stuff it up and I would laugh so hard I would double over and crying because I was laughing so hard.

Then that night I would have the biggest bonfire in the history of bonfires. All friend and family invited and their friends and family. There would be laughing and smiles, dancing and music, and stories of the 'good old days'. And everyone would celebrate that they had such a wonderful life instead of crying over it ending.

Then when my time would come, everyone would have calmed down and slowly started trickling back to the respective house holds, and only my immediate family would be there. My mum would be slow dancing with my dad, my sister would be laughing with her future partner, my partner's parents would be there talking about how good their life was and then there I would be. With my partner, lying in the grass. He would whisper something to me and I'll blush. And I'd kiss him, look up and count my lucky stars and go with a smile.

Peer Review

The fact that everything is focused on the positive.

I am left with a warmth. Not quite happiness, but warmth.

Reviewer Comments

That was lovely. Really well thought out and stimulating. It makes me wonder what I would like to do on my last day.