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you know that ancient egyptian embalming technique where they pull out the brain through the nose? that’s what i do with writing. if i were you, i wouldn’t lick my pencils.

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'the world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. the curves of your lips rewrite history.'

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On the Last Day of the World - An Apology.

October 27, 2018

I would laugh and point at the winking sky, 
"You sly dog, how dare you Armageddon
when I'm still alive and kicking? I know
I - the human race - haven't been very 
kind to you, but we tried our best, right? Hmm?" 

The sky would not reply, only darken. 
"Alright, alright, I exaggerated.
We were horrible to you and all you
contained. We burned and destroyed and plundered
all the resources you offered us and
thought nothing of it as you screamed
and screamed. Now we're the ones who are screaming." 

On my last day on earth, I would make an
Apology. I would go and sit amongst the green grass,
Running my fingers through the quivering
blades. Around me, the panic would increase.
The world would be dying, and our instinct
would be to destroy again and again. 
Is there no end to our ignorance? 

I would lie down, dew tickling my ankles,
As the stars collapsed and the sun said goodbye. 
I would close my eyes and feel the last breaths
of wind stroke my cheek. I'm sorry, you are
too late now. 
It would whisper. In reply, 
I would burn. 
I've only written a few poems in my time and hopefully with practice I'll improve? This prompt was really thought-provoking and I enjoyed writing this. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks. 


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