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I am over 13 but under 18. I play sports, I kinda like school, and believe in the power of music. I live in California but I am Texas blood. Hope y'all enjoy!

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There are a lot of things even my closest friends don't know about me. Just like most other people I have secrets, things I don't want anyone to know about me. That being said I also know it is not good to keep things bottled up inside. This account is my way of sharing a part myself to people that probably don't know me. Some consider writing a getaway, but in this case this is me diving further into myself just to a platform away from my own.


October 2, 2018

Why do we exist? Do we have a mission? A purpose?
Remember when we were 5 years old and people around us always said, "everyone is here for a reason"?
I can firmly say, I believe this 100%. I believe our existence is for the greater good and the challenge is to figure out our contribution. 
So why are you here?


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