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Writing a bio for me is hard because I am myself and I could go on and on about how I think of me but would that be correct in others eyes? So I guess the only word I can really use to describe me is Bree and let my writing do the rest.

Message to Readers


Hues of History

August 26, 2018

 In this prompt, dear writers, (this is fun) do your best describe the past year of your life by using colors- not sound or smells or tastes, but try to portray a story simply in the way you describe the color you feel represents your life. Through this, recognize what color you see not only the last year, but your life, and the life of your modern world today- if your year was blue and your neighbor's was red, is that bad? Or simply different for multiple reasons? Is there a single drop of the paintbrush that dipped a universal color in everyone's life?
This may sound confusing so I will give an example:
Form One:
Stale Green, like peeling paint on a mural, swept across the months, occasionally dappled by tones of silver or yellow and in one case black. This was the green of the old jersey hanging in my closet, the green that splashed on my lips whenever I sang to her because I was rich- rich!- in the knowledge she stopped to listen to me. Green, faded yet still there, still there as a happiness I had not expected to have, a joy quick to cede to the rushing blue oncoming in the next year, but fine to stay as I squandered my obliviousness while not enjoying it. But then, if I knew it to be ignorance, I would not have enjoyed that ignorance, and so I simply look back and press myself into the softness of the stale green somehow still soft enough for me to long for it again.

Form Two:
Orange, like Fanta Orange, bright and bubbling over the sides
Struck again and again in seamless unison
It never cowers, nor shrinks, never runs and hides
It is there, to be hated, to be loved, in each growl, in each grin

Orange, like the color of your T-shirt
Dappled by the purple of that new Princess
And touched by the tan color of those families, seeking new life, to have hearts thrown into dirt
But, like the volunteers, like the Fanta, like your T-shirt, my year was unforgivably bright, for we are united more by orange in excess

Form Three:
Blue. The kind of blue when the sun hits a spyglass turned toward the ocean, reflection of light. I know that blue.
Blue. The kind of blue that you know will be whirling on the surface while deep below, is still calm.
Blue. The color of her dress and glasses.
Blue. The way we color tears, what six-year-olds draw as the headlines grow darker.
Blue. Sailing across the sky and across the sea in one beautiful leap.
Purple. Here is a new color- it is the blue creeping into royalty, because there has been so much blue.
Blue. Back again.
Blue. The color I have set for your message boxes.
Blue. The oceans in our world, oceans of everything.
Blue. The soft kind- that of a baby's blanket, or a nice wash cloth, helping you wipe away the water.

Form Four:
Yellow is the one
Color we can all see as
Bright- together.

Form Five:
Black, the shadow that looms over all of us as it grows quickly-
Doust any wisps of colors come into my opaque pattern? Will I know if they do? Or will I ever be running from the black? That black that runs relentlessly against me while I run away, perhaps I should turn to meet it, perhaps then I can see some brightness in the darkness that pursues me. I keep running awhile- what, is it August? My lungs burst and yet my feet trace the endless pattern. It hurts, actually, to stop myself.
But then I stop and I look around slowly to the wall of oncoming black. My muscles tense but I do not spring away. It rushes over me and sinks all at once, surprisingly heavy. But then, all I see is the blue of a clear sky, and the yellow and purple and green of all the beauty around me and I sigh, smiling- for there is still black, but there will always be black, and I must always face it.

I hope these examples have helped you. So, in summary, tell the past year of your life using the color(s) that most represent it. Do not copy the examples, but you may use the colors the examples portray and are about. Please comment the title of your piece in the comment section so I may check them out. So writers- let's get writing! 


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