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Message to Readers

a prompt from a long time ago, that i only finished now.

friends are important. never discount friendship for romantic involvement.

dear friend

February 8, 2019

PROMPT: Love in Words


GROUP: Words for Joy

dear friend who is still to make her Mark,
    before i met you, i was unaware of how incredible the smallest things in this world can be. the smallest incision can be life-threatening rather than life-saving. the smallest mushroom can be a source of fascination. the smallest actions build up to success (though why you take 14 units of pure academia, i’ll never know). your perseverance and pixie-faced darkness inspires me, and though i'll never reach your level of mathematical genius, the moments we share together are treasured in the junkpile that is my memory.

dear friend with the strength of a Lion,
    before i met you, i was unaware of how emotions can shape a person so completely. your bear hugs and puppy dog smiles give me faith that even if man is inherently evil, people aren't. you tower above me, but never let me fall behind, always pulling me forward in my pursuits, supporting me through brute strength and heavily gesticulated viewpoints. you are loud, but never drown out the voices of those who you deem important. and when you sit next to me, quietly on the bus, the comfortable silence feels like a blanket, basking in your company.

dear friend resting on an island surrounded by Poison,
    before i met you, i was unaware of how the plight of others could bring me to anger. the first time i heard someone insulted you, i was ready to go to war, to risk my place in this deteriorating asphalt cage match to defend your honour, no matter how you pleaded with soft hands and desperate eyes. i would have done it for you. however unsure you remain, the cogs turning in your mind as you pace, round and round, contained by the rising tides, and i try to make them recede, for your poison cannot hurt me.

dear friend with Music in your fingers and Oceans in your eyes,
    before i met you, i assumed that those who pointed fingers at the patriarchy were opportunists and loudmouths. the child of immigrants, i remained ignorant of the world of adults until you told me to grow up. you rebuke their capitalist mentalities and homophobic tendencies with shouts of truth and tunes of girls loving girls. you’re honest to the point where the polite people don’t know how to respond. this is how you find your friends, the ones who reply with honesty, or even just the ones who remember your songs.

dear friend whose tears are Ink,
    before i met you, i don’t think i wrote quite as well as i do now. i was forced to cut my fingertips to bleed ink onto pages to keep up with you, but you just cried, and beauty spilled out. i still am jealous of your craft, the way you form masterpieces from inkblots and your flowing pen (i can never use it the same as you, it stains my fingers). so i no longer try to best you, only to applaud the loudest when your ink comes spilling out of your mouth, and flying through the air, so that everyone has a little spot of ink behind their ear from where they still hear your crafted words being whispered like a mother’s tale or a shaman’s warning. just beware for the page’s end.

dear friend who started it All,
    my respect for you has not changed. but as we grow older and drift apart, my will to stay by your side grows weaker. the way that you act, talk and spread topics that i believe are better left unsaid. you might not be factually inaccurate, but i find your opinions are flawed. your decisions are fueled by something i can no longer understand. your interests have veered on the path from my own, you value your appearance while i wear the same t-shirt almost every time you see me. i value your intervention to the story that is my life. but i recognise that after we graduate, i will not be sad to let you go.

with all the words in my heart and the tact of my soul,


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  • AminahMcBina

    Wow, I rly loved this piece. "you value your appearance while i wear the same t-shirt almost every time you see me." This line hit me so hard. I lost my childhood friend, bcuz she thought I made her look bad, around other ppl. Thought I was inferior to her. When I was in 6th grade she left me for the rich girls with the Gucci purses and name brand shoes. The girls who wore makeup and had hairdos. While I let my hair down and wore hoodies. --And before I go on writing a story, I'll stop here.

    I really, really, really loved this piece. You're a very good writer. Your words seem to come to life, dancing in some sort of choreography.


    9 months ago
  • engi_aek

    this is endlessly gorgeous. i love how you wrote a small letter/paragraph for each different friend. each one was so clearly full and just...i can feel the connections...
    also love your message here, so true.
    p.s. i'm not sure if the last part of your bio was always there haha but i like it a lot, have been seeing a scattering more of questionable-ish things around here lately...
    ALSO I am working to review some of your pieces lol i have to tell you so that I actually finish xx

    9 months ago
  • ethereal.otherworldly

    god why don't i check this site more often. i recognize every emotion in this - friendship and love are such universal experiences and the way you describe them all is unreal

    continue to astound me with your talent, my love x

    9 months ago
  • paperbird

    short contest results are out!

    9 months ago