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I've always loved stories. I love how honest writing is. You really can't hide. Words reveal more than you even realize. It's a risk to put your writing out there, especially in public forums like this, but it's vital if you wish to improve.

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I'll probably delete this and re-write it later in a more poetic sense. Until then, let me hear what you all think!

Stage 5: Acceptance

July 31, 2018

GROUP: Words for Joy

Why did my Sophia have to die? 

Why did my twin sister have to die in that car accident? 

Why did she leave me?

 Why do I have to face this crazy, stupid world alone? 

Why her? Why me? Why us? 


That is my question. That is the montage that has become my heartbeat. People have tried to give me an answer. "Everything happens for a reason," they assure me. Really? Really?  My sister had to die, terrified and alone for a reason? What, pray do tell, could that reason be? To teach me a lesson? To punish Sophia dor some wrong done in a past life? Even though I keep asking them, with my words, with my actions, I don't think there is a reason that would satisfy my question. There will never be an answer.  So maybe, I'll learn to live without one. Maybe, I'll turn my montage into action.  Why, why, why, why. 

Why waste my life wondering about Sophia when I can live it for her? 

Why drown myself in tears when I can learn to build a boat and sail a sea designed to kill me?

Why let my life end as my sisters had; full of untapped potential and unexperienced moments?   

Why let my life pass me by while I wonder? 




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  • LackingASocialLife

    This is exactly how I had to teach myself how to think when I lost my childhood best friend. Bless your heart.

    over 1 year ago
  • Secret Rose

    Hello Miss DuBose, thank you so much for sharing this piece. When I was 7, my grandmother passed away, and the year after that, my grandfather passed away too. This was exactly what I felt like after they left. They played such an important part in my life ( probably more than they ever knew), that till now, even as a 13 year old girl, I still feel sad about their deaths sometimes. Thank you so much for sharing this piece. Thank you.

    over 1 year ago