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it's a snowy day

March 21, 2018

PROMPT: Love After Love


GROUP: Words for Joy

it's a snowy day when i decide i'll love myself
a steady patter of snow on the roof
and the distant sound of a car

i can see the milk in my tea, melting
and my left hand tapping out a rhythm on the mug
as my right-hand maps out a pattern of the scars
on my wrist

the tenuous footsteps of my dog
pushing open my door with her nose
and resting at my feet

i start by letting myself breathe
the copper aroma of 
my cut lip

i let my fingers feel the blankets underneath me 
and trace words
like written prayers
to all the gods i don't believe in

i let myself feel alive
and it's a snowy day when i decide i'll love myself

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  • elisa

    thank you! and yes, the tea is real <3

    over 2 years ago
  • I Write Occasionally

    I really hope at least part of this is true- you deserve to love yourself. On the subject of the writing, however- this was so pretty. It flowed really well, and it was simple, yet the emotion was palpable. Enjoy drinking your (hopefully not metaphorical) tea!

    over 2 years ago