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i write literally everything. no genre can define my writing, NO STYLE CAN DEFINE MY WRITING, no one meaning can define my writing. my writing is everything and nothing, all at once.

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WRITING A BOOK!!! Hope to publish 2022!

Have Self-Respect--Nothing Less

February 12, 2019

GROUP: Words for Joy

Acceptance-How you choose to look at your self in a positive way, when you realize who you are-builds your self respect.
Pride-Utilizing all you can do, and being proud of it-paints your self respect.
Principles-Set of rules you make that you follow because it shows your person-shapes your self respect.

Self respect-Accepting your principles and your life (along with your body & personality) with pride.

Self deprecation-Taring apart any aspect of who you are and using it against yourself-destroys your self respect.


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