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To: The Little Girl Wanting to Grow Up

January 24, 2019

GROUP: Words for Joy

Dear, Little Girl Wanting To Grow Up
    Please don't be nervous when I saw this: I saw you. I watched you. My eyes couldn't help but glance in your direction at the store. The way you pulled a dress off the clothing rack, and hugged it against your chest made me smile. And I laughed as you placed her tiny feet in those giant hot pink heels, that couldn't even fit your Mother.
    You see, I noticed you because, well, I once was you. My Mother use to have to bribe me back into the car with a bag of goldfish, or else I'd be in the store for hours trying to find something to take.
    But the funny thing is, looking back, I can't help but laugh at all the tantrums I threw because my parents wouldn't get me what I wanted from the store, or when my Mother would put away her clothes and sent me off. The reason was, I wanted to be just like her. Just as you want to bejust like your Mother.
    However, let me warn you, don't try to be like her too fast. When you tug your shirt on over your little baby belly, don't frown and wish for Mommy's dress. No, smile at the Hello Kitty waving on your bright pink shirt. Because, between you and me, Hello Kitty seems a lot more fine than a plain, boring black dress.
    Those twinkle toes you have-don't even question them. My childhood was twinkle toes, and I'm proud. As you should be. You don't need heels-you can't chase after your friends in those!
    Please don't cry! I hoped you giggled a little bit actually, because a giggle means your happy, and happy means you're living life. Keep playing dress up, have your games of pretend, act like your Mother-but keep it to that. Playing. Games. Acts. That's all they need to be.
    Yes, growing up to be your Mother would be simply amazing, yet, I can't help but wonder, what it would be like if, maybe, you grew up to be just like you? I know, this sounds crazy, but perhaps you create your own footsteps-pick out your own heels, instead of just using your Mother's. Your Mother is there to help you find your perfect size, your job is to chose your style.
With hope & love,
The Girl Who Doesn't Want to Grow Up Anymore


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