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"Yes, the sun may rise every day, but not every sunrise is the same." -me

Stop for the Sunrise

December 20, 2018

    The knife carving into my bark stings, but I was used to it by now. I was just sorry for Amy for going through the trouble of carving her and her boyfriend's initials into me, because he was here just yesterday, telling me about his troubles. 
    When you've lived as long as I have, you get in tune with the narcissistic nature of humans. There is usually some kind of drama in their lives, big or small. I pride myself with being able to tell who a person is just by the way they hold themselves, both when they're alone and when their around other people. 
    Like Amy, for example. Alone, she is hunched in a ball, seemingly invisible to the world, waiting for someone important to show up. She doesn't pay any attention to the strangers walking through the park, let alone the nature around her. But with somebody else present, her posture gets straighter, and she becomes like a chihuahua, yapping around, just trying to get noticed. She craves attention, but only by people she deems worthy of her attention.
    When Justin came loping around the corner, she straightened, got up, and ran to him, telling him all she did while he was gone. She didn't even seem to care that he was twenty minutes late, or that his posture was slumped, his hair disheveled, and his easygoing smile missing. The air he breathed reeked of salt from his tears, and his exhale was shaky, like he could barely hold it together. As Amy continued on, showing him the markings she made on my trunk, I watched silently as his once limp hand slowly balled into a fist, and I knew that it was over for this young couple. 
    I never understood the point of jabbering away for hours about useless things. Most of the time, the problems they groaned about one day would be ancient history in the next. Maybe jabbering about today makes them forget their mortality, like life goes on for so long they have nothing better to do then go over everything that happened. Maybe it makes them feel more important, not stopping to smell the roses, like they are superior to all of the wildlife around them. 
    I spend all of my time in the exact same spot, but I never tire of it. Yes, the sun may rise every day, but not every sunrise is the same. Some bring heat, some are blanketed with thick thunderclouds, some are seen but never felt as the cold bites the ground. 
    Maybe if everyone would just stop and take in their surroundings, truly appreciate the life going on around them, in spite of them, their problems would seem less significant. The sooner humans realize they aren't immortal, the sooner they can appreciate the beauty of being alive. Wouldn't that make the world better for them?
    I might be able to see what kind of human they are from the way they hold themselves, but the whys and why nots are a lot harder to figure out. I don't know. Maybe I should just relax and watch the sun rise.


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  • Dummie

    Wow. I like how you used the point of view from the tree, and this was so descriptive I could picture it really clearly. Love it!

    about 1 year ago