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The Urban Jungle

By: PureHeart

PROMPT: Urban Jungle

With the urban jungle around us, we fail to stop and appreciate nature. This is surprising considering most of us live a life in the city. It would be easy not to take the countryside and greenery for granted. But we do. And it will only get worse.

Us humans are said to 'thrive' when surrounded by technology. How? We do not acknowledge one another. We stop to take selfies instead of pictures of family or a beautiful scene. We are just so busy catching up on our phone lives that we do not consider real life as important.

I'm saying this now, as I write to you, from my tablet. Evidently, I have fallen into the trap.

And so have you, for you are reading it.

We neglect nature. We neglect animals. My dog needs love and a lot of attention. How does he feel, I wonder, when his family is sitting in the same room, all on their devices? How does he feel when he not only feels neglected, but also sees the family bond start to weaken? All because the 'urban life' is catching up to us.

Technology is also very quick. If we use it too much, our attention span will wane. If the internet is slow on your phone, for example, are you not agitated if it is not quick enough? If your trying to download a song or a movie, do you not become impatient if it is not quick enough? As humans, we authorised, in some cases, to be patient. Why aren't we? Technology.

What better way to find an urban jungle than in New York. If you have been there, you know the pictures don't do it justice. The buildings do not scrape the sky; they smash through it. Times Square at night is considered to be glorious. But I've come to realise its just another way of shoving advertising in you face.

Adverts make you want to buy things. When you buy things, the company you brought from gets more money. When they gain more money, they shove more advertising in your face. And the cycle continues...

Why is this bad? Well everyone has their free will. Are we not misusing our free will if we are influenced by other things? Of course we can buy what we want,but I feel like we will be much more independent, and less influenced in buying the wrong things if it weren't for advertising. But that's another debate for another time.

The real question is, why is it good to break free from urbanisation? We don't have to break free from it fully, but we must try to appreciate the more important things. Spending time with family, loving your pets, doing something productive with you time, and make you own decisions. 

At least if some people do this, we will be able to control our lives, and not ecome victims of the urban jungle.

Message to Readers

When I think of urbanisation, I think of technology, and how we focus on that more than anything else. Please tell me what you think!

Peer Review

How much time do you spend using technology? And do you also feel lasy to go outside or do certain things when you can be so easily entertained, for hours on end, while staying in your room?

I completly agree with what you are saying and I feel that its always good to be reminded that this shouldn't be our way of life.

Reviewer Comments

I know what yoy mean about Times Square. I have never been there but I share the same frustration when people talk about how the most beautiful places on Earth are urban cities. Part of me wishes that we could go back 2 hundred years to when towns were not so urbanised andpeople appreciated nature. Great piece by the way!