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Any feedback is appreciated! I'm thinking I'll do some more spacing in this piece (and I'm sure there's still errors I need to fix), but enjoy! :)

Heartbeaters and Wrathmakers

March 14, 2018

PROMPT: Love and War

The blood in her heart 
Beats a whole lot faster
When his nose wrinkles when he laughs. 
His arm brushes her hand,
Blood streams through her veins like rapids;
He sheepishly grins across the classroom
Right at her;
Blood dances in her toes.
Love intoxicated both,
Wiping the memories of Wrathmakers
And smearing rose-lipped twinkles 
Upon them. 
He passes her a note,
"Do you like me?"
The blood trembles 
Like a windblown leaf. 
His lips and hers,
Now layers of love.
She feels blood sizzle
Deep in her soul. 

Across the seas,
Yet also at home,
Blood drips from the nose
Of the kid who sits alone.
A woman in her twenties,
Caught in the same cycle as her mother,
Wipes the blood 
From the lips
Her villain formerly kissed.
Millions read the books preaching Peace
Yet defend it with the carnage of a thousand Wars.
Blood spills across the Holy Land;
Salty tears with a sanguine tinge 
Now a torrential wave. 
Bullets rain upon the Heartbeaters, 
Bombs pellets the ground, 
Bringing a surge of blood
To the unsuspecting school
As she received her first kiss.
War is everywhere. Regardless of whether or not there is an official declaration of war, the violence of society is constantly waging war upon the peaceful. Lately, this has become far too obvious too us. Whether it's a school shooting, a bombing of an entire city, or an acid attack upon an innocent individual, every part of the world deals with violence, no matter how different the variety or frequency of it may be. Likewise, love is everywhere. It can be seen when a mother hugs her children, when siblings tease each other, when a teacher works overtime, or when two well-meaning children experience a tad bit of romance. Of course, love and war have a tendency to combine. Be it a tragic love story from a concentration camp in 1940 or lovers who perished together in a mass-shooting, these instances are incredibly heart-wrenching. The duality of love and war is seen as a constant in our world today, and my hope is that this poem effectively depicts that. 


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  • Juniper Sora

    Ameliorated18 and † Skyward Bound † --thank you both so much for your kind reviews!

    over 2 years ago
  • Deleted User

    You are extremely talented, amazing how you put things into words so perfectly. And the outcome is always unexpected and interesting.

    over 2 years ago
  • † Skyward Bound †

    Wow this was heartbreakingly and delightfully unexpected. It goes to show the cast extremities of love and war, and I was on the edge. This piece is amazing! You goal was accomplished, and you got your point across even further though your refreshingly grammatically correct footnotes. This poem regally hit me. Thank you. Keep writing amd God bless! ;3

    over 2 years ago