Sarimar Muniz

United States

I am a strong believer in a lot of things that you may call crazy but I call truth. The truth does set you free and I would know. I write down some beliefs and the random thoughts that come to my complicated brain. I will make you think a lot.

Sister & I

March 9, 2018

PROMPT: Love and War

The ones I love are dead.
She was dead.
Not physically.
But, in my head.
She looks at me with pain.
A lot of guilt I gained.
She was fighting the war inside her head.
I looked at her and said “you’re insane.”
Then I came into her room.
I see her dangling from the roof.
A card is all she left behind,
saying “I love you sis, now I’m fine.”



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1 Comment
  • CreativeAngel

    That's really sad bu i love the rhymes in the poem <3

    over 2 years ago