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Pearl Harbor

September 3, 2019

The planes roared overhead and soldiers panicky dashed for cover. So many people were injured and the nurses were frantically trying to help dying soldiers. Many had already died and this was a life or death situation. In a sense the sky would of been red from all the blood splattered but no, a blue sky soared overhead. Bombs exploded behind running boys almost eating them up by a monster that is never full. Gunshots echo Pearl Harbor as they hit a poor victim. These brave people try to rescue their best mates only to discover they can't be saved.

Ships are sinking and breaking along with people in them who are going to be drowned to death. The nurses have to choose who will live and die.

Eventually the screams and cries quieten. So do the soldiers and nurses. Many lives have been spent like money on useless things.  


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  • CreativeAngel

    Here's someone! I forgot this group even existed. I think the group has been abandoned. It's sad to know so many left. Please do continue in your free time. I do enjoy your writing :)

    8 months ago