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MacKayla Maze

United States

My Dylan

February 16, 2016



My best friend once told me, “There's always more to yourself than it may seem..”
When I first met Dylan, I didn't really have friends. It was the last day of school my 6th grade year. He did the talent show and I was amazed by how gifted he was. I ran up to him and asked, “Will you sign my shirt!?” with so much excitement. When I needed someone to be there, he was always there with no hesitation. He never let me slip.
Throughout the years, Dylan and I fell off a couple of times, but when we’d talk and catch up, it was like nothing had changed. We have one of the greatest friendships and we always support one another. We always know when something is wrong or upsetting each other just by the vibe we give through a conversation. Dylan, and I are so close, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. All he wants is for me to succeed and continue to do good. When I always tell him “I want to make you proud. I don’t want to let you down.” he assures me that I need to make myself proud first before anything..
With his help I have grown as an individual person, mentally and emotionally. He has seen me go through many things that were supposed to break me. He watched me become stronger with any fight I had to face. Dylan does not sugar coat things with me. He tell’s me when I’m slipping, and tell’s me when he think’s I am capable of doing better. With all Dylan has preached to me, I don't think he’s ever been wrong. He has so much love and passion with everything that he does. He makes me so proud to where I cannot explain. He is such a caring person. Also so inspiring. I have also watched Dylan grow as a person. It’s been not only a privilege or opportunity to be a part of. It’s be a blessing.
I don’t think anything could ever come between our friendship. When I look back during hard times I always turn to look for him. He’s always there. I don’t even have to ask him. He always goes out of his way to protect me so nothing in this world could break me or hurt me in that matter. I am so thankful to have a bestfriend like Dylan Henson. Yes, some people are lucky to have a bestfriend. I just think I got a little bit luckier because mine happened to be him. He’s helped me through so much. He has made an impact on my life. A huge one. I am so thankful for him. Nothing in this world could ever replace him. Not even an unlimited supply of burritos.


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