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.audrey michelle.

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.im audrey.
.i stand by the cold is better than the hear :D.
.chat if ur bored... idk... im bored!!!!.

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im being nice

hiya frands

January 22, 2019


hiya frands...

ik theres a ton of ppl who want their pieces to be read/liked/reviewd/commented on!  and ppl publish their pieces that they want everyone to read cuz its a cool idea and all that!

comment down below if u want me to read, like, and comment on ur piece!  im sorry ab no reviews, cuz honestly, i dont like to answer the questions that the review thing has...  its annoying and tedious, and it, to me, is not from the heart...  thats why i havent reviewd anything in like a year :D

so comment down below if u want me to look @ something u wrote and guarantee urself a like and a comment :D

im deciding to finally be nice :D

but if u dont mind, pick a piece of mine and look @ it!  dont review, cuz thats too much writing for one of my pieces and too much time wasted for me to be looking @ ur pieces and playing super smash bros w my sisters and working out and sh*t like that...

im being nice :D comment 1 piece (2 if absolutely necessary, cuz i have hw to finish)

and dont be mean that i have a sh*t ton of grammar mistakes, cuz irdc (grammarly gives me 30 mistakes :D)



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  • asteria

    guess what??? i have two more pieces i think you'd like:
    & "another"

    9 months ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    I wrote another one :)

    9 months ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    Hey, you told me to tell you if I wrote another poem. I did, I'm not sure how good it is, but I have another one up now :)

    9 months ago
  • .audrey michelle.


    9 months ago
  • Quille

    Might Be Continued Part 6 if your still interested :DDDD

    9 months ago
  • asteria

    would you mind looking at my poem "surrounded?" here's the link:
    really appreciate it!

    9 months ago
  • Xavier Nelson

    Can you check out my piece "Blood Tastes Like Iron"? Thanks!

    9 months ago
  • Quille

    Lovely offer! :DDD Would you care to check out my poem from ages ago? It's called
    Thoughts #BoggartPrompt
    Here's a link:
    Thank you! :DDD

    9 months ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    Could you check out my piece "Eye of the Beholder"? Thanks so much :)

    9 months ago