Hi my fellow young writers!
My name is Paris.
I'm 15 years old
An Introverted Rambler
An Aspiring Writer
A Booknerd
And a Highschooler
Hope you check out my pieces

Message to Readers

In the comments tips and tricks would be nice on how to get to my goals and what are your own writing resoultions?

Paris Writing Resoultions

January 22, 2019

Paris Writing Resoultions 
  1. WRITER-centered goal: As a writer I hope to come on Write The World more and not just post and work on my own writing but read other writer's work (and connect with them) Another resoultion as a writer would be to read more books. Performing more poetry would be nice to and entering more writing contests.

2. CRAFT-center goal:
To learn how to show and not tell in  my writing. Another resoultion I have  for my craft would be to (finally);stick to a story and  finish it .



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  • xXlunagirlXx

    I'm not sure how this would work, but I think it helps to visualize and describe in your story what you see...

    10 months ago
  • Quille

    One of the tips I use to get through a whole story is not to edit anything until I'm completely finished; if there are changes, I note them in the margins :)
    Awesome goals and I wish you luck completing them :DDDD

    10 months ago