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Every single one of you is beautiful. I love every single person, even if I don't always like them. Every single soul on earth has the power to be amazing.
And then there's me.


January 22, 2019


I find it absolutely amazing 
That I have the mind I have.

It's amazing how I can believe in dragons,
and mermaids,
and fairies,
and happily ever after,
and Neverland,
but I can never believe in myself.

It's amazing
I can forgive the worst people.
I can forgive people who hurt me,
and people who broke me,
and people who lied to me,
no matter the damage,
whether severe or minor,
but I can never forgive myself. 

It is the most amazing thing to me
That I can see the good and the beauty
In everyone and everything.
The beauty in that singer,
and that empty Coke bottle.
The good in that villain on TV,
and that mean boy in third period,
but I see nothing good,
nothing beautiful,
in myself.


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1 Comment
  • Doktor Habit

    i swear to god i will fight you on the side of the street you are beautiful and strong and amazing >:0

    almost 2 years ago