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Please, Keep Smiling

By: savannahthomas26


I love it
When you smile. 
Seeing you glow
When you talk about something you love. 
Hearing you laugh
Makes me feel good. 
Because most of the time 
I know 
That I did something dumb 
To cause it. 
Your happiness
Makes me happy. 
I want nothing but the best
For you. 
Because you mean 
Absolutely everything 
To me. 

Message to Readers

Tell me what you think :)

Peer Review

Everything about this poem is just so positive that it tells that when people smile, it makes others feel good and it present a good message about seeing someone feel happy and that you want to do something for them. I really like it.

I wonder how the speaker thinks he did something "dumb" but went back to being positive again. It's just feels a bit confusing to me.

Reviewer Comments

This poem is very nice and sweet. I love that at the end where speakers says "you mean everything to me" , which kind of indicates that he has a girlfriend. But either way, it's still really good. I love it. :)