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Leaving but Remaining

February 16, 2016

   Leaving but Remaining
    “If I ever find out that you're doing this again, I will come over and pour lemon juice in your cuts, ” she said.
    She was there for me. She lended me her shoulder to cry on. She was there when no one else was. She was my best friend.
    I remember so much about us and our friendship. We always had each other’s back. We never liked seeing the other one fail. We supported each other.
When I first met her, I would have never thought that we would become best friends. We started talking after I made a dumb joke on the bus. Her response to my joke was, “Oh my gosh! You're so dumb!” When she said that, I knew for a fact that we were going to be friends. I just didn't know that we would have the strong bond that we had.
I was there when her grandma passed. I went to check on her every day. She was there when I was down, at my lowest. She would come over all the time to talk to me and to just be there. We would never let anyone disrespect the other. It was me and her against them all, in middle school, until I moved.
I remember coming home after school one day, to my mom telling me that we were moving. I had always wanted to visit my family here in Ohio, but I definitely didn't want to move here. It shattered my heart. I was already going through so much and then I found out that I would have to leave my best friend.
I remember what it felt like to tell her that I was moving. It was so hard. Her and I both were going through so much. I felt my heart drop when I told her.
She came over to help me pack each day before I finally got on the move.  
“I'm going to miss you so much,” she said.
“Same. I don't know what I will do without you.”
Then she started crying.
Late one night, her mom called and asked my mom if she could have permission to check me out early, along with my friend, on my last day. My mom said yes.
My last day at school was extremely hard. Especially when I walked into the computer lab, and my teacher told me that they had called me up to leave.  “Shai, they just called you up. We are all going to miss you,” he said. Then some of my other friends in that class walked up and hugged me and told me how they were going to miss me.
I spent my last day with my best friend. We went and got lunch, then went to her house. We took tons of pictures and talked about how we would always talk, and never lose contact with each other.
“Hey, we can both make an OOVOO, so we can video chat,”  she said.
“Definitely!,” I replied.
“It's going to be so hard not having you around,” she said.
We both started to cry. Then we had dinner at her house, and her mom took me home.
It was about 10 o’clock when I made it home. We cried the whole way to my house.  Her and her mom had walked me inside. All we saw was packed boxes, which made us cry even more. Then our moms started to cry because they felt bad. After that, I walked her back to her car, like she asked. Then she walked me back to my house. Then I walked her back to her car, and that was it.
“Bye Shai, I'm going to miss you,” she said.
I cried that whole night.
Even though I live 17 hours away from my best friend, we stay in touch. We don't talk like we did before. I hear from her maybe once or twice every 2 or 3 months, but that's fine with me. At least we are still able to talk. Moving didn't mean we couldn't remain friends. When we do talk, we talk like we always did. The only thing that changed really, was the distance. She is still my best friend, even though I have made best friends here. She will always be my number one. She has done so much for me. I could tell you how she saved my life, but I'll save that story for another time. Leaving was hard of course, but no matter what, she will always have a special place in my heart. I left, but we remain best friends.


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