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Pokemon journey to friendship

February 16, 2016

THE POKEMON JOURNEY TO FRIENDSHIP                         
        One day in the world of Pokemon there was a young boy at the age of 10 name Ash Ketchum from Palla Town. On his 11 birthday he set out to be a pokemon master and pokemon kanto league champion. Before he could do that he had to chose a pokemon to be his  partner for the journey. Professor Oak  was the pokemon researcher and the man you went to  see if you wanted to be a pokemon trainer. So that morning ash wakes up , gets dressed and goes to get his pokemon.  When Ash arrives to the lab in Vermont City there was only one pokemon left. That one pokemon Ash had to take the last and only pokemon. The pokemon name was Pikachu. Pikachu was an electric type pokemon and was hard headed. Didn't trust anyone in a pokemon battle.. Ash and Pikachu bond over their journey and made new friends. So next day Ash set off on his journey to be a master pokemon trainer. Pikachu wouldn't obey Ash at first soon he would though. On a rainy night on route 1 Ash seen a pokemon. It was  charmander and if his tail goes out he would die. Charmander trainer thought he was weak so he left him in the rain. Ash saved Charmander’s  life and that created a friendship bond with them. Next Ash got to Newport City where the third gym leader was. Along the way Ash gained a friend named  Brock the rock gym leader (7th gym). Ash evolves his charmander into charmeleon. Though the power of bond trust and friendship. Later when Ash go to Newport City, he meets a nice girl name Misty. Ash later find out that his newly found friend is the water type gym leader.Ash defeats Misty but it was out of friendly competition. Now here we are the 7th gym. Ash now has Squirtle,Bulbasaur,Charizard,Pikachu,and Pidgeot. Traveling with Ash is Brock,Misty and his best friend Gary. Gary is Professor Oak's son. Gary’s  goal in the  pokemon world is to be better than Ash and the pokemon league master.

        Here we are at the pokemon kanto league . This is the elite 4 trainers of the region and the champion. This is going to be Ash’s  biggest challenge . Ash currently has 6 pokemon in his team and it is the 6 he has the highest friendship with. He has Venusaur,Charizard , Blastoids ,Pikachu ,Arcanine  and Crobat.  Ash defeated everyone up to the champion. Ash must now face Gary before he has a chance at kanto champion.Ash single handily defeated Garry with one pokemon. The pokemon was Pikachu. The pokemon Ash got back in Palla Town. Ash also defeated red the champion with Pikachu. Ash has build a strong trust and friendship with Pikachu .Ash and Pikachu back a few months ago had a chance to evolve into Raichu but Ash didn't do it he didn't see the need to right now. Ash will probably never evolve his strong pokemon. Ash is the kanto champion and he would of never got this far thanks to the help of his best friends and pokemon.
Ash has taught us a good lesson on his journey .  He taught young trainers that if you can trust your pokemon and build trust and friendship. Ash had to build a strong friendship with his pokemon and team and trust is a big part in friendship.  In a good friendship with the right people or pokemon you always got to  believe and have faith in them. Even if you get hurt or shock a lot like Ash did, but what he did he do? He didn't give up he keeps battling to the end and he never gave up until he had to.  Ash had a heart and was easy to make friend but then again if you got his bad side like team rocket always did, but you’ll  hear about that another time. What I’m  pointing to  is when you been with someone through thick and thin you don't give up on them.



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