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You are valid and wonderful, please know that.

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January 21, 2019


Just because, here are some stupid quotes I use to deal with life, some are mine, some aren't:

-Life without death is meaningless 

-What is the truth, but a small difference in a world of lies

-I tried, I failed, and nobody got hurt

-Mcgyver it

-You can cry all you want, but you are never allowed to give up

-She's been through more Hell then you'll ever know. but, that's what gives her beauty and edge... You can't touch a woman who wears pain like the grandest of diamonds around her neck. -Alfa (c)

-Fuck it, what's life without a couple screwups

-Just leave me and my self-deprecation alone (I know this isn't inspirational, but I say it on a daily basis and thought it was funny) 

-I never look back, darling. I distracts from the now. -Edna Mode 

-Every school needs a wierd kid, might as well be me. -Sabrina, from Sabrina the Teenage Witch 

And just remember, you are loved, even if you think you aren't. The world isn't the same without you. If you think no one will miss you, your wrong, I'll miss you. I'll miss your perception, how it differs from mine. I'll miss never knowing you. I'll miss your voice and style, of writing, of life. Please, I know it's hard, but just hold on, you are worth something, not only to the people close to you but to me. You are valid. Have a good day, and make every second count, because you aren't ever going to get it back.



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