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I believe that each and everyone of us here have a little bit of, "I want to change the world," inside of us. No matter who you are and what you write, I feel it's important to know that somewhere someone is or will be reading a piece of your writing and it'll stick with them forever. So remember, your aspirations of changing the world may not be too hard to accomplish; all you have to do, is exist.


January 21, 2019

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

There they were, laying underneath the canopy of stars. It was as if no had passed at all; of course, that was a lie. It was obvious, from the misery in her eyes to the way he shakes as he speaks. Sad isn’t it? How ever-changing people are, how all it takes is the slightest delay in a mere second can have the greatest impact. So close they were, yet so far away; like the stars themselves. As tears cascade down and fragile hearts shatter, it becomes painfully obvious how close they’d come; just one second away, from forever.
I decided to write about how easy it is to find a love story in the wrong place.


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