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Thank you! :D
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10 Followers :D!!!

January 21, 2019


I honestly do not know where to start. 10 people, interested in my work. While many people may see 10 as a small number, I do not. The 10 that appears by my follower count may as well be the biggest number there is. Each component of 10, my first follower, my fifth follower, and so forth... Each one of those represents a human being, living their life and I couldn't be more grateful than to have you in mine. Thank you all.
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Thank you again and again


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  • camlily

    Ten followers in just three days is incredible!! That just shows how great of a writer you are, you completely deserve every one of us <3 and to many more ;)

    over 1 year ago
  • f l o r a

    awe, this is so cute. Your work is good, and keep on doing what you like. Soon ten could turn into a hundred.

    over 1 year ago
  • TheOriginalEliza™

    Also, happy MLK day!!!

    over 1 year ago