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Bid Madness Good-Morning For Me

March 19, 2019


(Is this real?)

The first three seconds of daybreak is a grave happening.

When the sun rises in blood and birth, it baths the back of my room in red; a mock battlefield, a fake murder, the sweet tease of death. In that time, the time of morning’s slaughter, I lay awake in the folds of spotted sheets, starved and wanting, lacking the taste of slumber in the cuts of my lip. For the night before was but a restless one, the war paint beneath my eyes tell a tale of a court of nightmares – a crown of beasts and fiend – which I took jury in.  

(Is this real?)

The reason to fear the first of the three seconds of surviving nightfall is that you wonder not if you are awake, but if you are still asleep.

Still lost in dream.
Still found by nightmare.

A question stalks all four corners of your head like The Hillside Stranger, one known to slowly but surely tear apart the mind and devour its sense like jade tea.

(Is this real?) 

It leaves you cold, and feeling already naked and slay on autopsy table – but mistake not, for it will never vacate you.

For once you start to question the reality of the first three seconds of your day, let that query eat away at your sanity until the forth second, you’ll always have a certain voice at the back of your thoughts.

A rumour at 10am, a whisper at 4pm, you’ll forever and ever more have those three first seconds with you – haunting you.

Is this real?
A good little spook for ya'll


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  • Ashleigh2403

    it recalling invokes thoughts to try and unravel it

    about 2 years ago