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This is a republish of this for Xavier's psychological contest. I edited it a little from the original as well.

Is Anyone There? #psychological

February 14, 2019


    Transmission 1  

     "Hello? Can anyone hear me?
   My name is Tracey Clark. I crashed my Aero L-29 Delfin fighter jet yesterday on a solo flight, somewhere in the Kolyma Mountains in eastern Russia.
    I found a hunting cabin, well stocked with supplies and rations, and it had this radio. But winter is coming, and as far as I know, I am thousands of miles away from any civilization.
    If you can hear this, please respond."

    Transmission 2

    "Do you copy.
    My name is Tracey Clark. Three days ago I crashed my Aero L-29 Delfin fighter jet somewhere in the Kolyma Mountains in eastern Russia.
    I am radioing from a hunting cabin I found that has supplies to last me maybe a couple months, mostly beans and jerky. I explored the surrounding area and I haven't found anything other than forest. I am concerned heavy snowfall is about to hit.
    If you can hear this, please respond."

    Transmission 3

    "Is anyone there?
    13 days ago I crashed my jet somewhere in eastern Russia. I'm lost, and winter has struck in full force. There is four feet of snow outside the cabin. I'm concerned these supplies won't get me through this season. I need help, and soon."

    Transmission 4

    "If you can hear this, please respond.
    22 days ago I crashed my fighter jet. I don't know my exact coordinates.
    Supplies are getting low. The snow is deeper, and the days are the shortest they have been. I have had no outside contact at all, and I've been trying to determine how far north I am based on the sun. I'm really sick of beans."

    Transmission 5
    "It has been 30 days since I crashed. I ran out of jerky three days ago. The amount of snow is the same, and I've been stuck inside with my stockpile of wood for my fire. It's still cold all the time, although I found some extra blankets in the back. I would give up anything to have a hot meal and warm house to sleep in right now."

    Transmission 6
    "Day 45. Part of me wants to starve so at least I can stop having beans. Maybe I'll starve anyway. Yesterday I vomited up my breakfast . . . Or maybe it was dinner. I don't remember; they all taste same.
    I'm trying not to get hyperthermia, but I'm always cold. Still lost too.
    I just need to last long enough for someone to find me."

    Transmission 7

    "Day 52. Wait, no, 53. Last night there was a storm and all of my exits were blockaded, so I hope I have enough wood in here until it melts.
    I ran out of beans a couple days ago. I'm hungry. I can't think about anything else.
    It's so cold here, I burned my hand on some coals trying to heat it up. That was dumb. I have it wrapped in some cloth and I'm praying it won't get infected.   
    I've started heating up rocks to sleep on so I don't die from the cold in the night."

    Transmission 8

    "I don't think anyone is going to find me.
    I ate my belt last week and have been vomiting ever since. I'm so fucking sick of this. I cut myself on my knife, but didn't notice until hours later because my hands were so cold I didn't feel anything.
    Oh, yeah, it's day 70."

    Transmission 9
    "I think my burn might be infected. It got all gooey and gross, but then it turned purple. Today it's getting a green tinge. Hurts like hell.
    I've been eating all the leather I can find in this place. I actually have a technique with it now. If I stick it in the water and let it boil for like ten minutes then it is soft enough to chew. I'm a chef!" [giggles]
    "I don't know what day it is. I ran out of wall space to add tick marks."

    Transmission 10

    "My burn is worse. The green has spread through most of my hand.
    I'm having trouble doing anything. Yesterday I sat in one spot all day and almost let the fire go out.
    It feels like my stomach is trying to eat itself. The pain is almost unbearable."

    Transmission 11

    "You guys want me to fucking die, don't you? You're probably sitting there, listening to me like I'm some fucking comedy show."

    Transmission 11

    "I'm so cold . . . so hungry. My hand is getting worse, it hurts . . ."

    Transmission 12

    "Someone please get me out of here."

    Transmission 13

    "I cut off my hand. Took a while. Tasted okay though."

    Transmission 14 

    . . .[static]

    Transmission 15

    "It's so warm here, so nice. I'm glad you finally brought me the sun. I feel much better."

    Transmission 16

    "I think I'm dying."

End of contact with military pilot Tracey Clark



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  • fatpanda

    i read this again, and it seriously gave me goosebumps

    over 1 year ago
  • weirdo

    Whoa! This gave me chills. I love how it just started getting shorter and more urgent with each transmission!

    over 1 year ago