Fatima M


aspiring writer, proud ravenclaw.

The Moon Smiled Back

August 12, 2019

The gentle breeze from outside brings with it some dust through the window as I look upon the world I am surrounded by. The neighborhood is awake and windows all around are lit up and I hear the prayers from the mosque, the thunderous Christian praise songs from the church and the music from the clubs; everyone awaits the turn of the new year holding on tightly to the hope that this year will be different, it will be mine. I hope this year is kind to me, I look up to the sky and see the moon shining brightly, its light spilling beautifully into my room and at that moment, as I stare at the moon and it stares back, I feel an overwhelming sense of hope that this year will in fact be mine - because the moon smiled back tonight.
A lot of thanks goes to @Kahasai for taking the time to review my work and show me what needed work.

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