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If we are made of what we make of our lives, then I suspect the majority of us are made of sleepless nightmares, stress, and pretending to be comfortable in our own skin.

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January 21, 2019

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

Sometimes, I wonder about God. I wonder if the God I know sits at the edge of Heaven and peers down at us, pondering our lives and how they could've been different. I believe in the idea of choice, and He must too, because He gave us the right to choose to live as we pleased. Regardless, our choices must break his heart. After all, he is the Good Father, and don't all good fathers mourn when their children chase temporary bliss in ways that slowly destroy themselves and everything they hold dear?

This is not your typical love story. This is a story of a Father who weeps at the sight of his children trying, flying, dying. Despite how many of us choose to run far away and shun him, He believes in the idea of choice, and so He will let us keep choosing if we love him. If there's anything my life and my faith has taught me, it is that love is not a thing of fate. You can choose to love, or you can choose to not. Relationships are never fated to end, they end because someone made a choice to end them. 

You always have a choice. 

Choose wisely. 
I'm over the word limit, which irks me a tad, but overall I'm not sorry. 


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  • paperbird

    interesting piece, well-written. i'd have to disagree, though––there's no such thing as free will. if you lay out the various situations that humans undergo a hundred times, the timeline would be the same every time. this is because a series of environmental factors, collisions of happenings, force the brain into a decision. let's say you go to a fork in the road, and one side is a forest and the other is a river. you want to choose the river because it looks like fun, but then you decide to defy the original thought and go with the forest. that might seem like a burst of free will, but it's not. you originally chose the river because the water was warm, or because the sun was out, whatever. but then THAT choice, which felt so easy, triggers your brain into a different response. if you were forced to make the same decision a hundred times, given the same situation, you'd always do the same thing.
    refer to science; it's where the true answers lie. in the end, it shouldn't matter whether or not we have free will; we're gonna continue living on in our impossibly large universe.
    anyway. thanks for an interesting piece, just thought i'd comment my opinion :)

    almost 2 years ago
  • _________

    Yes! You did a fantastic job on this and I agree with you completely :) You can choose whether or not to love and you have a Father who mourns when you make the wrong choice.
    I love the way you worded this so powerfully and concisely :DDD
    God Bless you and definitely keep writing! :DDDDD

    almost 2 years ago