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I live in Belfast, go to university, have the most wonderful friends and plan to enjoy life to the fullest :)

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A lot of my works will be based on my own life experiences so whilst constructive criticism is welcome, comments which can be viewed as downright disrespectful will not be tolerated. Otherwise enjoy:)

My Brother

February 22, 2015



He is a fallen angel, he walks as if the whole world were resting upon his shoulders. The misfortunes that befall him are for the most part, of his own making. Forever falling into the same trap, the cycle of recovery and relapse repeats indefinitely. There is care and support from all around but the cruel words whispered by monsters hidden in the shadows echo and creep through cracks in the walls of love we have built around him. Hovering, waiting for the slightest sign of weakness and vunerability like thorns digging in painfully, they climb over all sense of self worth and security. The pernicious lies they embed lie skin deep but grow like cancer. I will fight for this angel. With all my strength I will use heart and fists to drive out these malicious demons that have latched on to his goodness and force them into the light where they will be forced to look in mirrors at their ugly, twisted forms. They will be repulsed by their own greying skin, their split fingers nails stained yellow and packed with dirt, their faces seemingly scarred the wrinkles of hate are so deep. Sunlight will illuminate the holes and darkness under bridges in which they hide and reveal their own weakness. The inability to survive in a world where love is the most powerful of forces. I will light up the sky with undeniable truths of their bitter desire to control those who are too weak to defend themselves and finally when all the monsters that once tormented the angel lie defeated, unable to withstand further attack I will reach out my hand to his and brush off the remanents of the world that have settled on his shoulders. I can only hope now that he doesn't succumb to the cruelty that fled and hid away in the farthest corners waiting for the next opportunity to creep out. But should such a day come, I will be by the his side forever acting as a guard to protect my angel, my brother.


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