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This is for Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill's contest. Check that out, and I hope you enjoy.


January 18, 2019


    "Hey, look, Darell.  There's this little girl running through a backyard."
    "Don't get sidetracked, Colt.  We have a job to do."
    "But she's cute!"
    Darrell wheeled on his companion.  "Everything is cute to you!  You'd think a roadkill skunk was cute!"
    "No, really, let's just watch a minute."
    Darrell grabbed Colt's arm.  "Let's go."
    "Hey -- oh no!"
    Darrell turned to see that the little girl was lying on the ground, all doubled up like a crumpled piece of paper cast aside by a hasty artist.  For an awful second he wondered if she was dead.  Then she rolled over to face the sky, and he knew she was OK.  He hurried over.
    "What happened?" 
    "She was just running, and then she jumped on the one cinder block and jumped off again, but the cinder block moved under her and she landed right on top of that other cinder block!" Colt babbled.
    "Ouch," Darrell muttered.  Cinder blocks were not known for round edges or mercy.  He carefully fanned some air into the dazed face.  "She looks OK; just had the wind knocked out of her, I think."
    The girl got to her feet and hobbled into the nearby house, nearly doubled over.
    "Should we follow her?"
    "She can walk; that's a good sign.  Besides, we have a job to do, remember?  Let's get on it!"
    "Geesh, people would think that eternity wasn't a thing from the way you crack the whip all the time."
    Darrell rounded on Colt once more.  "Shut up!" he growled.  


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