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Lost and Found

February 15, 2016

PROMPT: Everyday Magic

I slid my suitcase aside, making sure it wasn't completely out of sight. I would have to leave soon, probably in a couple of hours. It's funny how quickly people can go from counting seconds, to getting muddled up as to what time of day it was. That was when time really mattered, my mother always told me, when you forgot it existed alltogether. Succumbing to the organised part of me, I finally looked at my wristwatch. 3:25. I would have to leave even sooner than I had anticipated. No time to say goodbye to Pearl then. I guess the reason I left it till the very last moment, was that I secretly hoped I could stay here forever...
But how could I leave here? How could I leave a world so carefully crafted, that one could almost assume it to be Heaven on Earth. It was certainly the closest I had ever come to a 'Heaven'. Something I would one day be describing to my children in the most fanciful terms...
Love, joy, curiosity: all existed here; all could be indulged, all could be nurtured. And it wasn't like any other place, not a single moment was a cliché, not a sigle word prosaic. All was poetic. All was satisfaction for a passionate soul...
I had only discovered it last week and, as much as it hurt to admit the obvious, I had indeed ended up here by chance...

So, here goes, time to bid my farewells. If I didn't have time to see them, I would at least leave a note. I shuffled through my backpack in search of a notepad. But as I opened it, I found someone had already beaten me to it:

"Dear Dazza,
I know you're sad about leaving. I will have to leave soon too, and then nothing can stop us from a reunion.
Just remember this: "What is LOST, If it is truly meant to be, will always be FOUND again." This should giude you for as long as it takes.


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