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"Pain makes you stronger, fear makes you braver, heartbreak makes you wiser."


January 18, 2019

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

I never really knew her. She was simply a mirage, a faraway beauty who'd never notice me. Until she did, for just a second, the day she saw me...  


"What are you doing, weirdo?" Ally laughed, sticking her tongue out at me. I grinned, running my fingers through my hair. It was perfect at the beach, the water warm and the sunset bursting with kaleidoscope colors. 
"Just admiring you," I winked at her. Ally's cinnamon hair blew in the wind, her green eyes shining those words, I love you.


That's when I woke up, heartbroken. Just a mirage.   


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1 Comment
  • Quille

    Ooh! This is really good :DD I love the 'sunset bursting in a kaleidoscope of colors' it added such subtle, vivid detail to the scene :))

    10 months ago