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18. lover of TV, movies, and comic books. sci-fi and fantasy are my loves and poetry is who i turn to at night.

no panic (Anaseria)

May 9, 2016

PROMPT: Everyday Magic

Kanti has the most difficulty when it comes to dancing in time with the other dancers. She isn't slow but too fast. Her arms move up and down and she creates symbols with her hands. The others hate the group dances. They don't like how every time their feet touch the ground, the Gods grab at their ankles.Kanti loves it, she feels like they're telling them secrets. The Gods have a few favorite mortals, and Kanti likes to believe she's one of them. She grins as the men chanting in the background pick up speed. The girls stomp now instead of skipping as they move forward in the circle. The boys jump over each other, showing off acrobatic skills, in the middle of the circle. Kanti's breathes hard now and she sees a white outline in the corners of her vision. She claps in time to the priest's last words and she begins to spin. 

The girls grab each other's hands and stop in place. They begin to hum as the chants stop and Kanti is the only one who watches the Tear. Everyone else closes their eyes. 

The Tear is the door to the God's home. She feels her hands being squeezed by the girls holding them as if they know she dares to keep her eyes open. She isn't one of the blessed children, she's just a dancer, but the sight of the sky turning different colors makes up for the pain she feels in the back of her mind. The God's leave behind smoke and wisps in all directions they move. Kanti watches as they leave the ground beneath them and make their way to the crack in the sky, the Tear.

When it is done, when the priests leave to pray for a safe journey for the Gods and when the other dancers go back to the compound to rest for the upcoming festival, Kanti stays back to watch the sky. She sits on the lush grass and wishes that the Gods and their spirits would come back. She would dance for days for them. She would never rest if they were in the ground again, touching her and supporting her as she moved to imaginary chants. 


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