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Through Anything

February 14, 2016

    When I met her that’s when everything started. The lying, the beatings and my happiness. She was my one and only friend, she was the only one I spoke to, but her parents wouldn’t accept a negro being their little sweethearts bestfriend, and my parents wouldn’t approve of a little white girl being their little boys best friend.
    It was June 17,1968 When I met Katherine Miller at the Houston public library. I was looking for a biology textbook when through the other side she snatched the book right before I could get to it.
    “Hey give that ba-” I stopped mid sentence when I saw her pale skin, dark hair and electric blue pierce through my body.
    “Nevermind…” I lowered my voice and walked away slowly scared knowing if she told her daddy about this incident I’d be dead.
    “Hey! hold on!” I heard her soft voice call out to me. I paused but stayed facing the direction I was going. She went around the other side and introduced herself.
    “Hi I’m Katherine! Sorry about that, I just need to look at it very quickly and you can have it once I’m done. What’s your name by the way?” Her vibrant personality toward me addled me. I hesitated to speak but her want to speak to me seemed so genuine.
    “Elliot, my names Elliot.” I said lowly not wanting to rub her the wrong way. She stuck out her hand. I took hold of it ever so softly not wanting to hurt her.
    “Come on Elliot!! Give me a real handshake!” She said as she squeezed the life out of my hand. I chuckled a little and squeezed she smiled reassuringly. From that point on we were inseparable we met everyday at the library studying . We complimented each other, she was good at math and science whereas I was good at english and writing. 
    One day, the library was closed and she invited me over to her house. Her mom still out and her dad still out working. We thought we were okay. We started She helped me with biology and I helped her with english. Half way through, We heard an engine in the driveway. I looked at her and her eyes iced over with fear and something else. Her face reddened, she got up and walked to the front door.
    “Hey sweetie, how was school?” Her dad's deep voices boom down the hall into the kitchen.
    “It went well dad. Umm… I have my friend Elliot here. remember I told you and mom about him?” She said unsteadily. I heard her dad take a deep breath in and exhaled.
    “Get that nigger out my house.” he said quietly. My eye’s went wide, I inhaled sharply and started to pack my things. Katherine tried to negotiate with him but her father only got more upset.
    “GET THAT NIGGER OUT MY HOUSE KATHERINE ANN MILLER!!!” Her dad shouted. I got up quickly made my way to the front door. As I walked out her father pushed and I fell face first on the cement.
    “DADDY STOP!!” I heard Katherine cry as I drifted off into an uneasy sleep. I woke up in the hospital with Katherine on my right side holding my hand and my mom and dad on my left just looking at me sadly.
    “Hey.” I said, she looked up and began to cry.
    “I’m so sorry Elliot, I really am so sorry. I should’ve known that would’ve happen. It’s all my fault. I’--”
    “Shut up Katherine,” I said playfully. A smile broke out onto her face as her eyes began to tear. “All that matters is you’re here with me now.” She got up and hugged me tight, I hugged her back and knew that she would stick by my side through anything.


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