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Kiana Watkins

United States

Eye Veil

February 14, 2016

It was a beautiful spring morning and all I could smell was the scent of cheap candles floating around the house. The sun was glistening through the non tinted windows lighting the entire room. Without a sound I slowly leaned over to grab my computer and when I logged on twitter two notifications popped up. From a boy with the user name Stanely Tuphlos . He was only 15 years old not older nor younger than I was. I didn’t know, at the moment, but something inside of me made me feel like I knew him. Stanley Tuphlos is my fraternal twin brother.
    On June 3rd I looked out the window and a light baby blue limo pulled up to my street. A boy with brand new clarks, a pair of levis jeans, a bright red and blue plaid shirt walked sluggishly to my front door. When I opened the door I noticed that Stanley’s eyes weren’t as normal as everyone else’s. They were really shiny almost as if they were glass, but I just assumed he had watery eyes. For the rest of the day we watched movies and sang songs until his limo driver picked him up. It turns out his birthday is the same day as mine. His limo driver rung the doorbell and walked him from my door step into the limo.
After 2 years of chatting with Stanley I got to know him pretty well. We went shopping, out to dinner, and to musicals, but each time his limo driver has always whispered in his ear. The next time we met again was at Roller City. I was finally 17, and I quietly sat and waited for the limo to pull up in front of me. Stanley walks out and greets me with a big hug and as we walk in, he trips off of nothing. When we got on the skating ring, Stanely held on to me and for the whole time while we were skating he was holding my hand. At first I didn’t feel comfortable but I got use to it. It wasn’t like he didn’t know how to skate it’s like he just could not see the ring.
Five hours passed and we were done skating. I told Stanley to tell me how many fingers I was holding up.
“ 5 fingers” he guessed. But I didn’t hold up any fingers at all.
Stanley and I were sitting in the back seat of the limo watching everything pass by. We talked about our senior year in Frogules Highschool.
“Stanley are you blind?” I asked.
He looked anxious he started breathing faster, twitching his eye and said “No”. But I knew he was lying.
“Why are you lying to me Stanley? If you are it’s fine” I replied.
I turned around and saw Stanley opening the door.
“ Tibias can we talk? I’m sorry for lying to you and yelling at you. I just don’t like when people ask me that. I am blind, I’ve been blind ever since I was born. That’s why my last name is Tuphlos. I was born with a twin brother named Tibias Tuphlos, but he wasn’t born blind. I came to meet you Tibias, even though I can’t see you I wanted to know what you were like. I’m your fraternal twin brother.” Stanley explained.
After that moment Stanley and I became best friends and to this day we still are. I never treated him different just because he was blind. He’s married to a beautiful woman who’s a lawyer, and he is a professor at Leland College. He’s also my twin brother and i’m proud to tell people how I met him.


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