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Opposites Attract

February 14, 2016

George Ogenah Jr.
January 14th, 2016
Mr. Nett

    This is a story about a rambunctious island boy and a sophisticated city girl. On the savage and primitive jungle island of Kikiwaka, located off the coast of South America, a boy named Kazaar, the last of the native humans, dwells alone. A girl named Vanessa, having best education possible, having the best clothes, and comes from an affluent family of scientist. Her family and she were taking a trip to this mysterious island to do research on it, exploring all its’ natural resources and inhabitants. “Some say it’s coincidence, but I believe it’s fate. These two would have never met if it wasn't for this island.”
    While Kazaar was hunting, he saw a flying object, something of metal with what appeared to him to be other humans in it. Surly enough, as soon as the metal monstrosity landed, humans, Vanessa and her family, walked out. Vanessa and her family went into the already established laboratory set up on the island to see what they were dealing with. Kazaar went as close to laboratory as he could without being detected, but in the process he caused a bush to rustle. As Vanessa walked inside the laboratory, she saw the rustle in the grass which caused her to be suspicious. That night, she tried to find what the source of that rustling and found Kazaar snooping around the laboratory. She confronted him asked him various questions which Kazaar responded in grunts because he not understanding her language. Directly after the questioning, the laboratory blew up do to a traitor in the laboratory. Seeing as though as Vanessa lost her parents, she broke down in an uncontrollable cry. The man that blew up the laboratory was named Dr. Savage. Dr. Savage, with henchmen, spotted Vanessa and told his henchmen to capture and dispose of her. Seeing how Vanessa was in trouble, Kazaar grabbed  her by the hand and they escaped. With Vanessa as a marked person, Kazaar kept her safe and protected.
    Kazar and Vanessa traveled through Kikiwaka hiding and surviving, keeping each other safe. During that time, Kazaar taught Vanessa how to hunt and survive in the jungle, only using material from the jungle. With that knowledge, Vanessa was able to concoct traps and map the area, keeping both of them safe and fed. At first, being complete opposites from each other, it was hard for them to cope, but seeing as though they were both marked and needing a way to survive, they came to terms and went along with it. Kazaar and Vanessa grew close even though they did not know much about each other. Vanessa being rich in education, taught Kazaar proper english. Being alone for most of his life, Kazaar felt love, compassion, and not alone being and living with Vanessa. Vanessa felt the same way, but from different circumstances. Vanessa never had felt like she had to learn from others unless they were world renown and she hated to talk to those who could not communicate with her back the way she did them, in other words, she only talked to smart people. To her, being with Kazaar was like being with a mindless toddler, but the thing that she could not do on her own was survive, so she “allowed” him to help her. With the help of Kazaar, Vanessa was able learn a copious amounts of new things about the jungle which allowed Kazaar to earn represent from her. After a time, Kazaar and Vanessa became, almost, an unbeatable duo and they grew feeling for each other.
    No matter how unbeatable they thought they were, they had never dealt with the force that brought them into this situation. Now I know what you're thinking, they ended up beating Dr. Savage, later married, and stayed on that island, but that is not always the case.
    Both Kazaar and Vanessa, connived a plan to snuff Dr. Savage. They prepared for the battle that was about to commence and also prepared for the worst. Kazaar and Vanessa sneakily got into Dr. Savage's base. When inside, they went directly to where he slept, his bedroom. They were going to get rid of him using poison; as they were about to kill him, it turned out they were set up. Having no options or opportunity to escape, they surrendered. They could not escape their demise. With the last moments of their life, they expressed their love for each other and then Dr. Savage’s henchmen shot them to death. “Only if that was real ending of the story, but in the spirit of Valentine's day, why not.”
    With that being said, there love manifested into a  heart shield that protected them from actually being harmed from Dr. Savage’s henchmen. They were protected and they felt actual affection for each other. With that newly attained power, they defeated Dr. Savage’s henchmen and went straight to Dr. Savage, showing him no mercy as he did them. Dr. Savage was finally gone and they could live at peace knowing weren't marked anymore. Kazaar and Vanessa stayed on the island Kikiwaka as lovers and not as survivalist. The plane that Vanessa flew was still there, but in the worst case scenario, they would fly to where she previously lived and lived happily ever after, or did they?


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