Koda Lynn


I am a teen mom and bust my butt doing what I love! I work hard in school and doing free writing when I can! So thank you for patience!

Message to Readers

A short little love story

More than just a kiss

January 18, 2019

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

 I knocked on the door of the small one room apartment, for the door opened and there stood my beautiful best friend. "Hey Beautiful" I said as I walked into the apartment. She looked really nervous about something so I dieced it would be nice to ask her what was up. "What's wrong Journey?" I looked at her and a blush crept across her face. "I-I well, I love you Kota." I looked at her and her face was now a deep ton of red. "What to you mean, as -" I was cut off by her lips smashing against mine. 

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