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Stephen Mondesir

United States

The Brotherhood Of War

February 14, 2016

In the time, which war was all around. No one was safe, neither were they hurt. These events took place during the Second World War. A trio of young boys had made a promise that occurred before this gruesome war. These boys names were John, Matthew, and Seth.
One Day, while playing an innocent game of baseball, in John’s backyard. Matthew had been chatting about what the rumors were in Europe. He was pondering on what's happening.
“So what the heck is going on in Europe?” Matthew yelled. “ something with some guy became the ruler?”
“Calm down bro. It's just a country. Not the whole world.” cautioned Seth. “ No one’s getting hurt”
But John had been in serious thought over it. He called his friends to listen.
“ I want to tell you guys something. If war ever happened, and if one of us get drafted… The rest of us join as well.” John quietly said.
Both Matthew and Seth were shock. And they all look at each other. In a moment of silence.
“ Sure, all for one, one for all”, said Seth.
“ What you just said was cheesy, But I'll do it. We’re brothers for life” exclaimed Matthew.
And for the next two years, Those trio became young men. And the day had been waiting and dreading for came. They look at the card. Matthew Secondin- March 5, 1921- Marines- AX2
“Wow, I can’t believe this is happening. Just wow.” A shocked John said.
“ Well we better head down to the Military drafting office.” Seth said.
John remembered the promise they made two years prior. As the boys headed down to the office, memories went and past. As they all knew, things would change. What stood in front of them wasn’t a building of brick and stone. but the place that where death and life were like yin and yang. Where men saw the last of their normal lives.
“ Well this where things change. I will miss you guys.” Said a sadden Matthew
Both John and Seth were calm. They didn’t had to say anything to admit how they all felt. And at that moment they all walked in.
10 months had past since the trio had seen each other. But each one had wrote to each other, depicting what was happening in their area Matthew was in the Marines, John in infantry, and Seth was the air force. Both John and Seth had stop receiving letters from Matthew. It was a letter that would have changed their lives. Matthew’s mother sent them both a letter saying that he had died in gunfire. Their first tour in Europe had ended. Seth and John came to their beloved friend’s funeral. When it ended. They had talked.
“I still can’t believe it. He’s gone. Matthew, gone!” said a stoned faced John.
Was once a great friendship of brotherhood. Ended with one’s death and the other two shaken in pain.


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