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He was always there...

February 14, 2016

    We were best friends; partners in crime. We used to rob banks, people with a lot of, and just about anywhere we could find money. It was an arid, dark, fall night--a perfect time to get money. We had our pistols ready, our car, and bags--a package deal.
    “Is everything ready, man?”
    “Yeah, bro! Let’s go.” Leo said. We worked for someone else and we were to bring the money to him, so he could give us our part.
Leo--My intuition was telling me something would go wrong. My heart was falling to the ground and it was raining sweat from my face.
    Jordan--As we got there everything was still. It all seemed placid and sprightly. We got out of the car and scuttled to make our surprise entrance. Once inside everything was weird; it all was unusual. We got the money and hurried outside.
    Pow. Pow. Two of our men were dead. There were men with guns running after us and they outnumbered us.
    “Man, Jered and Andre are dead. They’re dead.” Leo was breathless. With each breath, wordless sounds came out of his mouth. We got in the car, but it wasn’t working. We catapulted out of the car and started running in different directions. Leo had the money.
    Leo--I was running for my life. The first place I saw I entered. It was a Universal Church. I hid the money and a man came out.
    “I need help, sir. Sir, help me please.”
    “What’s your name, son?”
    “My name is Leo. People are running after me. Help me, sir.” The man took me inside a big room full of people. I hurried and took a seat.
    “Now is the time to ask for forgiveness. Whatever you did in the past, God will forgive you. Well, He already has forgiven you. He died on the cross for us. Now is the time to receive and ask the holy spirit to enter and live in your heart. God is always there for the ones who believe in Him.” I don’t know what happened, but I felt something. I grabbed a cross that was in front of me and started asking God for forgiveness. I asked him to save me because I now believed in him and accepted him.
    Two man came in dressed as policemen. It was them. As they got closer to me, I was begging God to save me. I asked for forgiveness like I never had before. The two policemen were a foot from seeing me, but they left. God had saved me. He had given me another chance. I stayed there, sitting until the very last person left. The man that helped me came and I thanked him with all my heart.
“Let this be the first step to the new beginning; to your new life with Jesus Christ.” I hugged him and made my way out. I went to find the money where it was. I wanted to do something thing with it. The money itself was a sin, but what I was going to do with it wasn’t.
Jordan called me. He was precise and curt. I had donated the money to a non profit organization that helps people who are addicted to drugs. “Man, do you have the money. You better find the money. I don’t want Bones after me with this bullshit. Find the money and you know where to meet me.” I went to meet Jordan.
                                                                                    ~ ~ ~
    “Where’s the money man?”
    “I don’t have the money. I donated it. I realized what we are doing is not right. God forgave me and he gave me another chance. I don’t want to have this life--”
“You believe in Jesus now? You think you better than me now.” Jordan started pushing me and then Bones came in shooting everything. I ran and then he pointed the gun at Jordan.
Jordan--Leo jumped in front of me and the bullet hit him. He had saved my life.
“Man what have you done? You saved my life.” Leo gave me something: a mini cross.
“Jesus has forgiven me and I know that I will be saved. I am not afraid to die today because God has proven to me where people who believe in him will go to. Have faith in him and your life will change, man. My mission was to save you and bring you awareness. I’m happy to say that it’s accomplished.”
I couldn’t stop crying. I was trying to kill him and he just saved my life. I looked at the cross and in that moment I received Jesus Christ because if he helped Leo he would help me too. I couldn’t risk anyone else I love dying.



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