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Can You See Me Now?

February 14, 2016

    The wind blows gently causing all the green leaf to moves back and forth, it’s the mark of half way through the summer. The sun is still up even though it's already nine o'clock at night. The kids around the neighborhood are still try to catch the last sunshine, to get out of the house and play catch. But Brock, an eight year-old boy who everyone try to isolate because he is very odd in the eyes of his peers, is the only one whose hides himself in the corner of the playground. He speaks very quietly, but not exactly to himself.
    “Mr. Piggy, will the other kids come over here and play with us? Will they Mr. Piggy?” Brock turns his head around toward the group of kids. The young girl, who Brock has a crush on, saw him and she pulls out her tongue, she teases him. Brock quickly turn around, he’s trying to keep his face straight toward the opposite way.
    “It’s okay my friend. It’s fine if they don't want to hang out with you. I am your friend. They may not see me, but I am here for you. And I had been here playing with you since you were five, ” the pig said to the boy with a whisper tone. With his wings, Mr. Piggy starts to take off and fly toward the kids. Brock looks closely at the wings. He notes that when the wings wide open, it’s double the side of the Mr. Piggy. The shadow that the wings is casting down from the pig is covering the whole playground. The image was so magnificent, Brock can’t help himself but stare at Mr. Piggy.  
    One by one, all the kids start to looks at Brock. They begin to speak to each other, analyzing every single detail of the way Brock looks. They give him the dirtiest look. The boy in a blue shirt with a snap back start to whisper, but loud enough that the whole group will hear him, “Please, why is he just sitting there looking at the sky like that? What is wrong with him?” Follow one to one another, now the whole group just bust out laughing. Brock is aware of the situation, yet he chooses to ignore the situation and continued looking at Mr. Piggy.
    Brock can see the wings of Mr. Piggy starts to flap quicker and quicker, causing the wind current to grow bigger and stronger. The tree being to flop side to side. the little children starts to panic, they did not expect such strong wind to hits them so fast. They all start to run toward a house nearby and hide.
Brock now standing there all by himself, Mr. Piggy flies down to Brock’s level. “That was amazing Mr. Piggy! That was so cool! Can you show me how to do that? Please!Please!” Brock desperately say to the flying pig. Mr. Piggy agreed, he agreed that one day he will teach Brock how to fly and create wind with Brock’s own hands. They both start to walk home under the sunset. The ice cream truck start to pull up to the side walk, Brock is the only kid there. He is getting a cone of strawberry ice cream with a side of chocolate chip cookie for Mr. Piggy.      


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