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falling out of love

January 18, 2019


Part 1
the other day
i saw this boy
one with intoxicating smiles
analytical gazes
tall as a pine tree

i've seen him before
but in that moment
He saw me too

Part 2
teamwork is a funny thing
running with linked arms
skin to skin
and mumbling to each other
trying hard not to be obvious
and give away how much
i actually like him
and think about him
and hope he thinks about me

Part 3


Part 4
which one of you told?

i can't help myself
and this isn't something
to be mocked for
shared laughs between those
who are supposed to be friends
used to be friends
i don't know who to trust

Part 5
maybe this is what
i needed
a wake-up call
desperate prayers spent
on a realization

maybe we were never
meant to be
maybe it was all
a delusion
from a girl who had
nothing better to do
than hope for someone
to save her
love the unloveable
yet another poem about the same person i can't seem to get over... forgive my lack of originality- writing is my therapy.
-this one is dedicated to the math test i have tomorrow and the zero studying i've done
SONG SUGGESTIONS(lil sad playlist for u):
when the party's over- billie eilish
michael in the bathroom- george salazar (this was on the last poem but i thought it needed re-emphasis; it's about a panic attack in the bathroom and should be listened to by everyone, also the play it comes from, be more chill, is on broadway)
hallelujah- jeff buckley
1-800-dateme- mxmtoon
bed- brand new
jealous- labyrinth
sense- tom odell
brazil- declan mckenna (not a sad one, just a quality bop)


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