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The Un-Awakening and Spirit Power, Chapter 9 & 10 of: A Kingdom in Chaos- The Awakening; Book 1

January 17, 2019


They arrived at the summoning hall five minutes early, along with Dean, Piper, and the “dove girl.” Jerad still didn’t know her name. Corrick and William, inseparable as ever, made their way into the room exactly on time. But the two boys did not come alone; a lion and a wolverine were trailing behind them. A few more boys who he had seen in the dorm also came in accompanied by their spirit animals.
All of them, expecting Master Hunt to come in, were surprised. A short unfamiliar woman walked into the room. She had auburn hair, and a worklike, but not unkind, expression on her face. A snow fox stood next to her. Jerad had no doubt it was the animal that had gotten him into the academy.
    “My name is Master Olivia. I will be teaching you how to un-awaken your spirit animals.” But before she could continue, a voice said, “What? We’re not going to do that! What’s the point of even going through summoning them and getting into this academy if we just have to get rid of them?!” Corrick blurted.
    Master Olivia sighed. The question must have come up before over her years of teaching. Then she said, “It does not literally mean ‘getting rid of them,’ as you said. You merge your energy with theirs in a way that allows them to give up a physical form and become a part of you. In return for you housing their spirit, they give you some of their power.”
    The speech sounded rehearsed to Jerad, as if she’d said it many times before. “And how exactly do we, ahem, merge our energy with theirs?” he said, mimicking her voice quite well while making air quotes with his fingers.
    “Please do not interrupt me again, Mr. Darish,” Master Olivia said coldly. “It is a privilege to be here, and if I were you, I would not want to leave so quickly.”
    Derrick sniggered, then tried to cover it up with a cough as Master Olivia’s eyes shot to him.
    “Now, all of you, spread out in the room, and no talking.” She waited for the movements of the students to stop, then continued.
    “Sit down cross legged, and close your eyes,” Jerad closed his eyes and tried to relax.
    “Do you feel the energy within you? Do you feel the energy of you spirit animal outside of you body. Pull the energy into your own, and merge them together. ”
    Jerad felt the soft fur of the wolf beside him, brushing against his open palm. He tried to reach out to find the emotional bond he had felt before. It was there; he felt a small well of energy inside himself, but it wasn’t really inside of him, it was more of a presence that was him. Jerad reached out to the other force, and he pulled.
Jerad felt a sharp tug in his mind; the fur resting on his hand vanished, leaving no trace of its existence. Next, the other energy came in, and merged with his own, and his senses heightened. It was as if he had discovered a whole new world. It was deafening. He could hear the quiet breathing of the others as if it was windstorm. He could smell the sweat of the others sitting beside him. It took him a few moments to adjust, and then opened his eyes. A few others had their eyes open.
    Jerad had somehow merged with the wolf, and like Master Olivia said, he definitely felt the beast’s power. Slowly but surely, the rest of the class managed to do the same. Master Olivia nodded to them, then opened her mouth to say one last statement, “Always be in complete control of these gifts, and do not abuse them, for even the best summoners have fallen to the grips of power. If you do lose yourself in this power, and give yourself up for the grip of unimaginable power, you will slowly melt away, turning you into nothing more than a wild animal.” And with that, she left the room. Derrick walked up to Jerad.
    “Does it seem as though all the teachers are trying to scare us?” There was a shrug from Jerad.
    “It feels so odd,” Jerad said, “I guess Master Oliva was right.”
    “About what?” Derrick asked.
    “Power. Or a least, their abilities.” Jerad answered.
    “Uh huh.” Derrick said, then, his face lit up slightly.
“Well…” Derrick said, forming his idea. “I’m not sure if it’s safe, but do you want to go test out these newfound abilities? We’ll be careful and all, and not turn into power hungry warlocks who want to destroy the world and become wild animals.”
Jerad thought for a second, then put his arm through Derrick’s, which was at his hip and said,
“Shall we be off?”

    The pair walked down yet another corridor towards the arena. When they arrived, Piper Gadrel was already there, walking towards one of the elevated obstacle courses. “Let’s go,” Derrick said, jogging towards the weights. Jerad followed. Derrick bent down to pick up one of the weights. They were made of lead, with an iron welded crosspiece.
“Do you have to activate it somehow?” Derrick asked while putting his hands on a dumbbell that was obviously too heavy for him to lift. Jerad responded, “Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe try to make the same connection you did before, and ask. That’s what I did.”
“Well, here goes nothing,” Derrick said, while closing his eyes. After around ten minutes, Derrick looked ready to give up. Groaning as he got up, he walked over to a weight and kicked it. Miraculously, the lead weight flew ten feet. There was also a faint outline of the bear around Derrick, as though it was there in spirit, helping Derrick to pointlessly kick a weight. It was an amazing sight to watch, and how he did it, Jerad had no idea.
“Woah!” Derrick exclaimed, “Well, I guess I got it after all…”
Then suddenly, Derrick faltered, for a moment.
Jerad looked at his friend, “Are you okay?”
“I’m alright. I just felt tired for a moment.” Derrick responded.
“It must be from activating the abilities for the first time; your body might have to acclimate. Although I guess that will probably happen to me too though…
“I say it’s worth it. Besides, we’ll probably have to use them anyways at some point.” Derrick said.
“Alright, my turn. But what to do?” Jerad said.
“I guess wolves like licking themselves,” Derrick said, “Why don't you try it.”
“Haha, very funny,” Jerad said dryly, “Why don’t you try sleeping for a few months, bears hibernate at this time of year. Actually, nevermind, it wouldn’t be much of a change, would it?”
Derrick laughed, then said, “ Maybe you could try running. Play with your strengths, and I’m assuming that bears aren’t great runners, so you don’t have too much competition.”
They started to jog, and like he had suggested to Derrick, Jerad reached for the connection he found before. He grasped for it, reaching out. Again, like Derrick, it took him almost ten minutes. He was panting by then and Derrick was already lagging behind him; Jerad was just about to give up when finally, the energy coalesced. The fatigue he had been feeling disappeared entirely. He started to speed up, and the ground seemed to speed up. He looked back to see Derrick, halfway around the track, wide eyed and staring. Jerad realized that he had just covered a distance that would normally take him one minute in half the time. He laughed, breathing in the air rushing past his face. But soon after, he began to tire. He slowed down, waiting for Derrick to catch up.
“Wow… Just wow,” Derrick said,
“That. Was. Amazing!” Jerad exclaimed, although his breathing was labored.
Then the abilities began to fade, and Jerad began to falter. He sank down to the ground in an undignified manner, overcome with an intense tiredness.
“I hope that it’s not always that hard to use these abilities.” Derrick said.
The two friends chatted for a while about their abilities. Jerad also saw Piper and Alex; they were the only other one to come to the arena. They both did things specific to their animals.
These new powers were incredible.
    Dinner came next on the schedule, and they sat down to eat. The buffet was plentiful; there was an assortment of stews, soups, meats, breads, and even cider, which was a rare treat. There was also apple pie drizzled in honey sauce, which topped off the meal wonderfully. Jerad walked out of great hall considerably happier than he had been before.
    “That was some amazing food,” Derrick said patting his stomach.
    “I didn’t know one could consume such a large amount of food in one sitting,” Jerad said.
“You didn’t exactly seem to be holding back either,” Derrick said with a raised eyebrow.
    “Touché,” Jerad said, raising his hands in submission.


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