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Karel Durant

United States


February 14, 2016

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Karel Durant


Mr. Nett

14 February 2016
    It was a beautiful summer evening in Compton, California. I was just arriving to my hovel of an apartment. I was 18 years old and I was not going to attend college next year due to my horrendous GPA of 2.75. My mother was in the hospital, finances were tight, and the bills were left to me. That same day I was informed that my tryout for the Arizona Cardinals was a success. Next season I would be playing in the NFL as a rookie. I was elated and I wished to share the great news with my best friend of 13 years.
    Korvonne and I spoke to each-other virtually every week, sometimes even several times a day. I dialed up his number while my fingertips filled with excitement as fast as I could. I chirped “I’m going to the NFL!” he replied “Do you have the marijuana still?” He was in a rush to get off the phone because of his illegal actions, but I blurted out how much revenue I was going to make for the year. He replied “Are you going to give me the cocaine that I gave to you earlier to hold for me” and I already knew that he was too high to comprehend the opportunity I was given.
    We met at a local kindergarten in Compton and strangely we had been born on the same day in the same hospital. As we grew up we became close friends and had the common motto of “Madden before Jasmine from Aladdin.” Meaning we were going to never let women tear us apart and our great companionship. Once we reached high school we shared the dream of money along with fme, and playing football professionally. We both played football and had a very competitive contest of achieving the dream of the NFL. We actually spent so much time on the field that instead of attending class we would be on the field try to improve our skills. After 3 years of this foolish thinking our grades had severely suffered. We both understood that our grades were extremely bad and that college, even if we desired it no college would want us. The only option we had was the dream of playing football for the NFL. However, the streets are a mysterious place and my best friend Korvonne was sucked in by the terrible idea of making money by illegal acts such as drugs. Nevertheless that same year my mother overdosed with cocaine. She luckily lived, but after that terrifying experience I promised myself never to do drugs. She was hospitalized and on my eighteenth birthday I was rewarded with a fat check of $600 from the hospital.
    Fortunately, high school had just ended and somehow I was rewarded with a diploma. As time went by Korvonne became a drug addict and no longer accompanied me on the field, He spent most of the time in a trap house where he was called the Overlord. That brings us back to where we started. My acceptance email to play with Arizona Cardinals. Little did I know that Korvonne would try to blackmail along with rob me of my millions. Two years into my career Korvonne and I stayed in touch. I played football and he created along with sold drugs. He was brought to jail a couple of times and I paid to bail him out. One day in my mansion he came to me in my mansion and threatened me with an incident that happened in the past. I had more than once been a part of a drug deal because I was in a tough spot financially and my mother’s hospital bills needed to be paid for. People do what they must to survive and being apart of an illegal event was my terrible burden. I still cannot understand how, but Korvonne had taped me handling the drugs and the rest of the arrangement. When he pulled to my house with the video and threatened to put it out to the public I had no choice, but to agree to his blackmailing terms and provide him with money. This went on to about a year and he was no longer my friend. No good friend would extort another for their rightfully earned money. Later he was unfortunately involved in a drive-by while riding in his lamborghini through the streets of Compton. We went from best friends to him betraying me over money and him getting himself into a tight situation. However, this time I was not bailing him out. He stole millions of dollars away from me and forced me to live by paycheck each week. He betrayed me over the best and worst thing: money. I have learned that, sometimes, it is better to let go is the best way to be a valuable friend.                                                                                                                                     


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