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Please always make sure your NASA tickets are legit. :)

(and please make sure my grammar won't leak radiation during space travel)

Only 3

February 14, 2016

Hour 1

    Mom is crying in the corner. Well, we’re all in tears, but Mom is taking it the hardest. Naturally I should be taking it the hardest, but I can’t believe it. A three day vacation should not kill you.

Especially not so soon.

    For my sixteenth birthday I wanted to go to the space colony on Mars, Exploration 1. I was the only one on the spaceship traveling there. I guess Earth is too pretty to sacrifice for a red rock, unless you’re me, who has horrible allergies.
It was fun. Very red. My best friend Alex and I got to look through the colony windows at the terraformed environment for cattle. Neat stuff. I was going to attend college to become a Mar’s scientist and major in water management. Water management on Mars is difficult because not only is it super cold, but the atmospheric pressure is much, much lower. Hence, water can boil at a much lower temperature on Mars than on earth.

Hour 2

    My interest in science and technology always serves me well and only sometimes gets me in trouble. I mean, what’s wrong with having a laser with a wavelength of 750-840 nanometers that can bounce off a window, be received into an infrared PIN-diode, and then amplified? Nothing. What’s wrong with using one? Well, it’s illegal. A setup like that is used to listen in on a conversation in a closed room, as long as it has a window. How does it work? Its old technology, I think my grandparents could have bought one back in the 2000’s, and the way it works is pretty simple: the laser hits the window and is reflected into the receiver. Because talking causes vibrations, which end up vibrating the window, the laser picks up the vibrations and carries them back to the receiver. I use some handy technology to amplify the sound, and voila! A laser-listening system.
    That’s how I heard the bad news before I was supposed to. The doctor’s office door had a small glass window, and I couldn’t help it. It was me they were talking about, anyway.
“Mr. and Mrs. Cavlos, I’ll be blunt: your son is terminally ill from being exposed to lethal amounts of radiation. The ticket you bought from NASA wasn’t from NASA. It was a counterfeit. The ship he traveled on was retired over 30 years ago because of safety concerns. Makik Company stole the ship and has been operating illegally without the correct licenses. Our radiation team estimates that your son has only three hours to live.”

I turned my laser off.

Hour 3

    I’ve spent quality time with my parents the last two hours. We’ve cried, and cried some more. We talked about what life is about, and was I scared. We remembered good memories, along with some bad ones, like the bubblegum prank. It took my hair a year to grow back after that one.
    My mom hasn’t stopped crying, and when I smile at her, she cries harder. I’ve tried my hardest to help both of my parents, especially my mom, but they are both so sad. I can tell they are fuming, ready to kill someone, but mostly, they are just sad. I feel bad for them.
    Alex just walked in. He was impressed at how great I looked. I told him that yeah, my face would look as handsome as it ever did until about a half hour from my death.

It was silent.

    We talked about the trip. He also went for my sixteenth birthday, but he bought a legitimate ticket and went on the NASA spaceship, which he told me was packed. So much for people hating Mars during Earth’s spring.
We remembered the good times. Ice cream parties, ice cream pools- it was a kiddy pool. Not the huge ones. We relished the time we spent hiking together. We remembered that one time when my sister switched the sleeping bag in my backpack for the neon pink one that sang a girly Disney song when you pushed the button.
He laughed and I sighed at the bubblegum prank. Yes, it did take a year to grow all that hair back.

    We remembered the hard times we went through together. Our older brothers were friends and both died in the same car accident. We helped each other through that. We remembered the argument we got in over a girl and how we promised that a girl would never get between us again. Together we took down the drug dealers at our school. We busted one, and the school gang came after us. We had saved each other’s lives a few times during that. Not before both of us were tied together and shot through the same foot, but oh well. A handsome prosthetic is pretty easy to get. Although the hard times weren’t fun, we were both, in a way, grateful, because it’s the white-hot fire of hard times that melt two people together to forge a single friendship.

We remembered with pride at the scientific discovery we had made. Frozen plasma does make life easier, I’ll admit.

    I told him that I wanted him to have my 6D gaming system – the normal 3D, plus smell, humidity, and gravity.
It was then, at his silence, that I noticed his graying face and growing weakness. He smiled faintly. I looked at my face in the mirror. His was the same shade as mine.

He didn’t tell me because he didn’t want to sadden me further. I didn’t see him on the same ship as me because their food was as good as their ship- he was in the bathroom the whole time.
We talked for six more minutes before we were both too weak to sit. His bed was rolled in and we both laid down. Thanks for being my best friend Alex.

Mom: They were best friends in life. At 8:34 pm, Matt and Alex passed away.


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