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A trip down memory lane - Part 4

August 18, 2015

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                                                                             What do we do?
Gwen bashed open the door and Billet, for the second time that day, jumped in the air. “Gwen! What on earth…” but the beginning of his lecture stopped when Gwen’s face crumpled and she began to cry. This was worrying, Gwen never cried, ever. Even when she was a baby you’d have to keep an eye of her to see if the silent tears were back – that had been Billet’s responsibility of course.

Now though, he swamped her in a hug and stroking her hair said quietly. “What’s wrong?”

“Scarface’s injured!”

And just like that all the couler went from Billets face and he stated running towards the tree-stump, reasoning that that was where he must be, and he was right. Scarface was lying on the ground, cold to the touch and for a horrible minute Billet actually thought he might have lost the one person to keep him on track all his life.

But then Gwen was at his side and as if reading his mind explained. “He’s alive but the tree branch dropped on his head.” 

Not bothering to question why, how and when; Billet picked Scarface up bridal fashion and yelled at Gwen to “call Kevin and get him to round up the others. Old Andy’s house, now.”

While she did that, Billet flashed to Andy’s house, [another advantage of being a creeper, one click of your fingers and you’re whenever you want to be] who was naturally horrified to see his husband in such a state. “What on earth did you do to him!? I thought it was a training session – not a knock-out session!”

“Sorry – but it’s not my fault! Gwen said something about a branch falling on his head…”


“Look, I don’t know I wasn’t there, was I!” Billet yelled, sounding a bit like Basil Faulty. He paled the minute he realised what he’d done. “I’m so sorry, Andy…”

“Perfectly understandable reaction under the circumstances. Come in – put him on the couch. I trust your siblings will be here shortly?” Billet nodded as Scarface groaned.

“Ah, well he appears to be waking up, gosh, that was convenient. Now, go out and wait for your siblings, keep calm and let me establish if there’s anything wrong, okay?”

Billet nodded, silently thinking that it would be a miracle if Scarface was alright, I mean, he was no doctor but surly a tree-branch falling on your head can’t be good for you, right?

5 minutes later with no word from old Andy and no sign of the siblings that were supposedly ‘on their way’, Billet was questioning old Andy’s other order – keep calm. How on earth, he thought as he practically climbed the ivy that decorated the house, is he supposed to keep calm when his practically-a-guardian-angel might have fallen permantly?

And cue 5 frantic children bursting through the gate, Mary was in hysterics, Annie was trying and failing to calm her down, Harvey looked like he was going to faint, Gwen just walked over to the garden swing and sat down, staring blankly into space – which was probably the most worrying reaction of all, if Billet was honest - and the first thing Kevin did was to stat the interrogation.

“How the hell am I meant to know!? Old Andy won’t let me in!” Billet snapped after Kevin’s 50th question. “Oh-talking of which, better let him know you lot are here.”

Knocking on the door, Billet waited with baited breath.  Andy opened it. “Ah – wondering when you lot would get here, come in, come in.” They all piled into his house and looked at Scarface. He appeared to be alright. He was sitting up and was holding a bag of peas to his fore-head.

“I’m alright.” Scarface said quietly.  “Honest I am.”

Gwen’s voice could be heard. “Sorry, Scarface. I didn’t mean to knock you unconscious!”

“Nah problem. My fault for standing under a flying branch – what the heck was I thinking?”

“I don’t know. But now, lie down and get some rest. Come on, feet up – give me the peas.” Andy ordered; he gave the peas to Kevin, who looked bemusedly around and then shoved them on the window sill.

“Trust me, d-d-doctor. I’m fine…I’m…I’m not…” before Scarface could even finish the sentence he was asleep.

Andy smiled fondly at him, then, with a worried frown, turned his attention back to the Kelso kids. “Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that there’s no long lasting damage.” An audible sigh of relief was heard from everyone in the room. “The bad news is that he seems…seems to have forgotten…me.”

A silence within the room. Harvey frowned, how could that have happened? Wasn’t it more likely he’d forget either Gwen or himself? After all they were the youngest, he had less memories of them, although saying that, maybe it worked the opposite way around, maybe because old Andy and Scarface had known each other since they were  in their 30’s, they had more memories together and therefore there were more memories of Andy to lose?

Annie broke the silence.  “You are kiddin’, aren’t ya?”

“I wish I was.” Andy said quietly. “But, it’s obvious. I showed him pictures, he remembered you lot alright. But then I showed him the picture of Gwen, you know the one with Scarface holding her, and I’m to the left – grinning like an idiot?” Nods all round. “Well, he recognised Gwen, but asked what I was doing there. He, he asked if I was…a close friend…of the family.”

“What did you say?” Mary asked tentively.

“What could I say? I said yes. But it’s official. He doesn’t remember me.”

“Any specific memories?”

“Yes, I made a list.” There were about 200 items on the list, all with Andy in. “I’m hoping if you lot can find the top 6 – then the others will unlock themselves.”

Everyone nodded. Then Harvey’s head jerked up. “Wait – what did you say?”

Andy repeated himself, and the Kelso’s looked at each other, wondering whether Scarface’s situation had temporary affected Andy as well.

Suddenly something clicked in Gwen’s mind. “Is this something to do with the new invention you built?”

Andy smiled, for the first time in 2 hours and, getting up, pulled a dusty cloth of a shiny invention. “The mind-machine.” He proudly announced. “Basically, this is how it works, you put it on your head, and then you put the others on the other people’s heads, I switch it on, and you go into the centre persons head.”

After that very confusing explanation everyone stated at the invention. It looked like a sliver octopus. One long hand in the middle holding a silver disc, with 8 long extended arms attached, each holding a copy of the centre disc.

“So in other words, we put the centre disc on Scarface’s head, us lot take the others. And then we go into his head and retrieve the memories?” Mary clarified.

Andy stared at her. “That’s what I said isn’t it?”

No one said anything.

After a small bit of faffing around involving sitting Scarface up and figuring out how to get the octopus [as Gwen had christened it] onto his head, they were ready to go.

“Sure you’re not joining us, old Andy?”  Billet checked as Gwen tapped her foot impatiently.

“No I need to be here to pull the lever – otherwise you won’t be able to get in or out. Now, brace yourself for a popping sensation.”

None of them had a chance to question what he meant because at that moment, a bright light filled the house and they were gone.

This is one of the books in my 'Guide to Friendship' series So, this is the first chapter, the second should be up soon-ish. I welcome comments, but please no flames. 


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