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Iara Silva

United States


February 14, 2016

    “I can’t wait  to get our letters back,” Ana was more excited than ever. It had been three months since she and her best friend had applied to the college of their dreams.That night they had sat in bed and prayed they would get in.
“What if one of us don’t get in? What will we do then?” asked Bella.
Ana knew that was a possibility and a great sense of anxiety and fear spread through her body. She didn’t want to think of those possibilities. All she wanted to think about was the bright side of this outcome. That night they laid in bed in the opposite corners of the room. Bella laid in bed walking her fingers from side to side. She could not sleep that night. Tomorrow one of them or both would get a letter in the mail telling them if they were admitted. Ana knew that Bella had a better chance at getting accepted but she could not, for anything, watch her have the chance to a dream they both had. She had never expected those thoughts to come through her mind but she could only think that if Bella was to get in that would not be where she ended up. She fell asleep that night waiting to be the first one to that mailbox.
    That morning the girls were up before their alarm. They sat at the window anD watched for the mailman. Hours went by before he finally emerged at the corner of their street. Bella rose in a sudden burst of excitement. Ana knew she had to be the one to get to those letters first. She ran for the door and assured her she would be quick with the letters. She ran down the stairs and out the door. She took a deep breath before opening the mailbox. She didn’t want to think of what she would have to do if only one of them got that letter. She opened the mailbox and letter poured out the little box. Bill, bill, bill, advertisement…… and the last one was the letter they had been waiting for. The letter read “ For Bella Woods.” Tears filled her eyes as she checked over each letter once again. She could not believe this. She crumpled the letter and threw it into the trash that sat adjacent to the house. She didn’t for a second regret what she had done. She played it out very well.
    she slowly walked up the stairs into their apartment and threw down the letter. She ran to her bed and that was the clue for Bella. She checked over the mail in slowly began to sink into the ground. Her heart had been broken into a million peices. They each laid in bed thinking of the failure they had become but one of them in more than one way. Ana could not believe what she had done. There was no turning back now, no way to explain herself. This could not be undone and she planned to not even give it a try. She felt sorry for what she had done, but in her mind now things were “fair.”


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