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Bros for Life

February 16, 2016

Cullen Pietrantonio 
Bros for Life
“Audriel, do you remember the first time we met,” asked Dito.
“Yo, we really hated each other with a passion I can’t believe how close we are now though that's the crazy part,” said Audriel.
It was a Monday morning on a hot spring day in English class when Audriel realized he had a huge hole in his pants where his butt would show. Numerous kids picked on him and somehow he ended up in detention in the hottest room on the school on the most sweltering day of the year. Dito, on the other hand, arrived to school three hours after the bell rang with the excuse of, “My alarm didn't go off.” Not only did he show up three hours late, but he didn't do any of his homework for any of his classes.
Later that day Dito and Audriel found themselves sitting next to each other in the same detention room for different reasons. Audriel, a straight A student who loved school. Dito, a three-sport athlete who was 5’9” and still growing. They were complete opposites in physical appearance, but little did they know they had a lot in common.
After detention was over, they both waited for 77 bus to go home. As they were walking their, three kids from the school tried jumping Audriel. As they were taking his stuff Dito came and beat up all three of them at once and took Audriel to his house to get him cleaned up. When Audriel got to Dito’s he noticed they lived on the same street. As Dito was getting him some food, Audriel was exploring the room and saw computer parts as if he were in a junkyard. Does Dito take apart computers and fix them, he asked himself.
When Dito came back in the room, Audriel and he started talking and had endless conversations about each other's lives and got to know each other. A little past nine o'clock Audriel’s mom called asking where he was. He was so nervous that he explained what happened and couldn't lie about it because his left eye was black. The next day at lunch the two friends sat next to each other, but they noticed something.
Audriel was a nerd who got straight A’s and Dito was a jock who struggled in school. They came up with an agreement by the end of the month that Audriel will tutor Dito to help him get good grades and Dito will almost be like Audriel’s trainer and help him get ripped like Dito is.
“If it weren't for you I don't think I’d be playing college sports on a full scholarship,” said Dito. “But you can't forgot how much you trained me and I’m going to Harvard and I'll probably be a walk on the basketball team” When you play a professional sport you better not forget me bro” “ I won’t as long as you swing me some harvard gear” This is when the two friends say their last goodbyes until they go off to college. I middle school friendship that'll last a lifetime.


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