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The Things You Don't Know

February 14, 2016

    This thing called friendship. What a word huh? But it’s not easy to maintain ,just look at the last three letters of friend somehow and some way it’s going to end. And somethings just aren’t important in a friendship.  But imagine Friendship A and Friendship B, just say Friendship B is set in the 1940s and Friendship A is set in 2016. In Friendship B, one of the friends has restrictions to certain water fountains, bathrooms, schools and always seen as the target or the enemy; or his “type” is. The other friend barely has any restrictions just follow the law. If even that. He is seen as superior; or his type is. Take the same people and “update” them and put them in 2016. With all the latest clothing, newest Iphone. Now compare two of the friendships and see which of them is easier to live in, which one is the easiest to keep your friendship. To get the best out of it and trying to avoid conflict. Friendship A. This goes to prove that a “friendship” isn’t based on of the kind of people contained in the friendship, it’s based on the type of environment that the friendship is contained in and what kind of things around them that will intervene with the friendship. Noticed how I didn’t mention the names of the friends in the two friendships because things like that aren’t important in explaining a friendship. I also didn’t mention what kind of things the friends do and what kind of things they like and they don’t like. This is because it isn’t important and it doesn’t determine how the friendship will go. I just included how their relationship towards society. If you think about it, it seems like people have a friendship towards society also but sometimes the society can act differently towards different friendships. But it seems like this word friendship can be good for some people who aren’t so vulnerable to society and people aren’t that affected it so much. The bigger picture is that the society we live in can determine what kind of relationship we have with certain people. The part that sucks is no one can change society as a whole and make it into their own utopia and where they can have everything work in their favor. But it’s not about us, it’s about society and how it deals with our friendships.


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