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Mimic of "Directive" by Robert Frost

February 14, 2016


Remember this town vividly,
For when you return, few things will remain the same

Start, slowly, on a road through suburbia-
A path riddled with fine china and silverware, but littered with the corruption of materialism

You will pass dogs, dozens of them, so stop to pet them.
Their eagerness may make its way to you

It won’t be long before a chance comes along,
Beckoning you to the mountains of Vershire

Follow this path and explore
The sugar maples and and the sloping roche mountonées

Meet children your age, but who seem wise beyond their years
And wander with them, with no set direction except to explore the unknown

Stop to notice the wool lining the rock outcrop, and every chicken that escapes the pen
Remember this when you are back with those who seem to care a little less

A saturated polaroid will be awaiting your return,
As a remnant of a place you truly got to know


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